Steps to analyze work-life balance!

Work-life balance is a difficult challenge for many of us. But it is much necessary for you to involve in social as well as financial factors of life. But missing clarity and specific life design in work-life balance have left many employees putting in longer hours and working harder than ever.

In contrast, many studies have shown that the most productive employees are excellent professionals with full and well-balanced lives. Both in and out of the workplace. Likewise, the most successful companies are those that foster employee health and well-being while improving organizational performance and productivity.

Today work-life balance ranks as one of the most important attributes than compensation. Also, workers who feel they have a better work-life balance tend to work 26% harder than employees who feel overworked.

Start where you are!

It does not matter where you come from, where you think you are going, what career or job you have at present. You are not too late to design your life for a better work-life balance. Design thinking can help you build your way forward regardless of life-design problems you are facing now. But before heading to solve your work-life balance problems you need to figure out where you got stuck and in which direction you need to improve.

Here are ways to analyze your work-life balance by design thinking,

In order to start where we are, we need to break life down into some discrete areas, those are health, work, play, and love.

1.Health as an important aspect of work-life balance:

Health means being well in mind, body, and spirit. Once you have figure out how you define health you need to pay attention to it. How you assess your health will decide your quality of life.

2. Work plays a significant role in work-life balance:

Work not only means the stuff you do to get paid. Work means participation in ongoing human adventures on this planet every day. It counts all the minutes of work you are doing for a specific thing like cooking, household works, volunteering, etc. Most people have more than one form of work at a time.

3. Play:

Play is all about joy. Here sports doesn’t count because sports is not the type of play which brings joy. Play is any activity that brings you joy when you do it. You have to think how much time you are actually spending in play to make your work-life balance.


You all know what love is. Love comes to us in many ways from affection to your loved ones to volunteering to your community. You feel a sense of connection with the people you love.

Assess your work-life balance with Health/work/play/love dashboard:

This HWPL  dashboard will help you to assess the things that provide you energy and makes you focus to keep your life run smoothly.

  • Write a few sentences about how it is going in each of the four areas.
  • Give scores to each category from zero to four according to your present situation in 4 areas.

After giving scores focus on the category which has the least score and asses the reason why you have a low score in it. This scale indicates that its time to pull over and figure out ways to improve them. This gives you a framework for all your data in one place. Now you know what is good enough and not good enough for you right now.

“We think, mistakenly, that success is the result of the amount of time we put in at work, instead of the quality of time we put in.” —Arianna Huffington, author, and businesswoman

Analyzing work-life balance can help you excel in your profession as well as maintain your social relationships. It fosters the way you design the life you desire. This, in turn, can improve your productivity and helps to achieve financial independence and can foster your early retirement.

What are your ways to maintain a work-life balance?

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Photo by Danielle MacInnes on Unsplash


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