Find your strengths by helping others!

Strengths are something that we find easy, energizing and enjoyable. When you identify your strength, invest in it rather than trying to show up your weaknesses. In this way, you will have more success and more positive experiences. We can build them by helping others too.

“Discovering what we do well is the first step to lasting success”. Leaders whose strengthens creativity will be more successful in innovative organizations.

But building only on your powers is not enough if they do not create value for those you lead. The logic of “finding your strengths by helping others” can be explained by Martin Seligman. Instead of focusing on what is wrong with individuals, they look what is right. Instead of dealing with depression, they help to find happiness.

Leaders always strive for authenticity, experience, emotional intelligence, credibility. If you don’t apply these strengths in ways that create value for others, they have not been totally successful.

Here are 3 ways you can improve your strengths by helping others,

1.Help people to discover their strengths

Most people do not know what they are naturally good at. They either don’t believe they are better at something than others, or they have been led to believe that they should be good at a range of things regardless of their personal talents. Awakening people to their inherent strengths can be an eye-opener for many people. It is one of the key duties of the modern-day manager. Identifying others strength can only be possible if you have an idea on it, in this way you can find yours too.

2. Help leaders define their results

Many leadership programs are filled with exercises and seminars meant to help leaders learn and grow as individuals. They can identify their strengths and build them. But unless and until those strengths help others, they are incomplete. Use your strengths to strengthen others. Because it is not only about being better but also how their betterment will help others do their own work.

3. Build a positive culture

Most people acknowledge that companies have a culture, or way of doing things. This culture filters who joins the firm and how people act once they are in the firm. But often this culture is an inside-out view. It is defined as how we do things, our norms, our values, our expectations, and our behaviors. By focusing on strengthening others, we can expect desired outcomes in the organization. HR professionals can ask leadership teams questions like: “What do we want to be known for by our best customers ?” By focusing on the strengths that others want to see in us, then translating those expectations into internal leadership and organization actions, we can make a culture a lasting source of value. Strengthening others affects not only the individual but the organization.

Strengthening others do not mean you will do anything someone wants. It means having a clear sense of self. It means identifying, developing and investing in personal strengths without arrogance or compromise. But, it also means applying those strengths to the service of others.

“Doing nothing for others is like doing for ourselves.” ― Horace Mann

Helping others can improve your strengths and also your productivity and helps you to achieve financial independence and can foster your early retirement.

What are your ways to improve your strengths?

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