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When we hear the word karma, the first thing that comes to mind is a bad consequence. What does Karma mean?

Karma according to most people is the law of cause and effect. In the Bible, the statement “You reap what you sow” exactly defines what it is. Let’s put it in a simpler context. If you sow evil, evil is what you shall reap. And if you sow goodness, you will also reap goodness in the form of inner joy.

Karma does not happen when you do bad things; Karma can either be good or bad. That means, if we do good to others, we will be rewarded with good things too. We should remember that karma is there to get us if we do bad things. It will go back to us with a stronger impact.

Good intentions; those that provide joy and happiness to other people will receive good karma. It is what we need for the benefit of the whole world. Imagine if all of us will do good things for others. That will be a very peaceful place. Not only that, all the goodness we give will bounce back to us.

Guides to Achieve Good Karma

  • Focus on the love and goodness in your life. Forgive and love yourself.
  • Spread goodness to others by forgiving those who did you wrong.
  • Spread kindness and practice compassion
  • Reflect: have time for gratitude
  • Let positivity, kindness, and compassion be part of your daily life

Don’t expect results overnight. Don’t expect that when you do good things today, something great will happen to you tomorrow. Positivity and kindness should be part of our daily life to let good karma flow to us. Your good intentions should be from the heart and with willingness.

Aside from the good things that’s going to happen to you, it has several benefits too.

  1. Makes a positive atmosphere around you
  2.  Heals your soul
  3. Clears your mind from negative thoughts
  4. Makes you wise and allows you to develop wisdom
  5. Enhances your aura
  6. Keeps the negative energy away from you such as anger and envy
  7. Enlightens

It should be performed with willingness and without expectations. Simple acts such as making people laugh, volunteering for a cause or helping in community works are a representation of good deeds. Spreading love and peace for the greater joy of everyone is simple yet most powerful deed you can ever make. Karma from good deeds will make this world a better place.

How do you think good karma can be achieved? Are there things in your life that need revamping to get your desired outlook in life?

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