How to purify your Aura?

Aura is the energy that surrounds us, as I have discussed once in one of my articles “what is an Aura how to identify yours?”

Aura makes us feel what we see and experience in this world. When your auric field is strong, it allows you to feel energized, more followed with your soul and emits some positive rays from you.

Do you ever feel highly stressed, in a stressful environment or when your immunity is down and just not yourself, Its because every day, we come in contact with a variety of people, of whom we exchange energy. When you start your day with happy mood and at evening if you share some sad story from your friend then you feel bit low and heavy then you need to think  yourself “Is this my stuff, or did I just pick up someone else’s stuff and make it my own?”

Here are 3 ways to purify your Aura,

1. Smudge with sacred herbs

Smudging means burning particular herbs and let that smoke to cover your entire auric field i.e, your entire body in order to be cleansed. You can use any of the following sacred herb based on your present auric health,

  1. White Sage: great all-purpose cleansing herb to clear away negative energies
  2. Coastal Sage: can help to repair tears in the aura
  3. Palo Santo: great all-purpose cleansing herb which helps heal the aura
  4. Cedar: can help to release fears and enhance courage
  5. Mugwort: can help repair psychic damage and enhance intuition

After selecting the sacred herb, create a sacred space in any part of your home. Allow the smoke from the herbs to pass around tip to toe of your body. You can also use the smoke to cleanse and protect your environment.

2. Goddess bath

It is a ritualistic bathing process that helps to cleanse your energy field and aura. Here are some suggestions for sacred herbs, flowers or its essential oils that you can use in your bath,

  • Rose Petals: helps to strengthen the aura and promotes self-love and healing
  • Sandalwood essential Oil: can repair damage due to psychic attacks and can strengthen the intuition and vibration of the aura
  • Olive Oil: can help to expand the aura and can increase attraction potential
  • Lavender essential oil: helps to promote relaxation and calm and restore the energy of the auric field
  • Basil Herb: helps to cleanse negative energy and release the pains of the past
  • Himalayan Sea Salt: helps to detoxify and restore the aura

Select suitable flowers, oils, and herbs for your bath. Once selected, place them into the bath with warm water and imagine your aura being repaired, healed and restored as you wash your body in the water.

Be sure to discard all of the herbs and flowers after each use. You have to choose Goddess Bath for at least 3 days for maximum benefits.

3. Mantras or positive affirmations

This is the quickest and easiest way to restore energy back. Choose a mantra and then spell it loud. Be sure to feel the mantra vibrating through your entire body.  You can also write the mantra on a piece of paper and have it near your desk or a place where you frequent.

When your Aura is shining brightly around you, it can not only help you to feel and look more radiant, but it can also help you easily manifest your desires and feel more aligned and at peace with your soul. Purifying your Aura is a very simple process, but it can make huge energy changes in your life.

“When you smile and project an aura of warmth, kindness, and friendliness. You will attract warmth, kindness, and friendliness. Happy people will be drawn to you.”Joel Osteen

Aura cleansing can help you with better physical and mental health and thus improve your productivity and helps to achieve financial independence and can foster your early retirement.

What are your ways to purify your Aura?

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Photo by Bhavyesh Acharya on Unsplash

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