What is an Aura? How to find yours!

What is an Aura?

Aura is a ball like the energy that encompasses the body. It consists of seven levels. Each one of these subtle bodies that exist around the physical body has its own unique frequency. They are interrelated. They also affect a person’s feelings, emotions, thought, behavior, and also health. Just like our chakras, a state of imbalance in one of the bodies leads to a state of imbalance in the others.

Here is a breakdown of each layer and what our body seeks and gains from that layer,

1.The physical plane:

This layer is closest to us and is diminished through our waking hours and increased while we sleep or rest. For this layer to be in balance, we need physical comfort, pleasure, and health. Also, people who are harboring negative emotions will have a darker physical aura plane.

2.The astral plane:

This plane is also called the “emotional layer,” as it stores our emotional memories with friends and family. It is easy to tell when your astral aura is out of whack because you feel sensitive, unstable. Your astral aura will respond best when you amplify what it needs with your surroundings. For example, to heal negative emotions, try visualizing green. Spend some time under a tree. This will help to add the color to your auric space.

3.The lower mental plane:

This plane relates to reason, thought patterns and also, how we construct our own individual reality. Most people spend their waking hours on this plane. This plane expands when our minds are at work, when we are studying, or when we’re focused on something particularly hard. When someone’s lower mental aura plane is not well, they will feel judgmental, down, and agitated.

Our auras change as we switch moods. The same way smiling when we’re not happy can lift our mood and our auric fields too. So, when you’re affected by other people’s negative energies, wash away that mood from your aura can by giving yourself healthy, positive, loving thoughts. Test it out now by giving yourself an auric smile and see if you feel better.

4.The higher mental aura plane:

This plane connects with our lower mental aura plane but adds in a deeper spiritual element as well. This is where we store our higher mind beliefs such as self-love, gratitude, selflessness, and unconditional love. Believe it or not, your self-talk can be affecting your whole vibe. Not only your confidence but also the energy you project into the world.

So, despite what that little voice in your head is telling you. Make sure your higher plane is all about how beautiful, kind, and loving you are. Because even though you might think it’s just an internal conversation with yourself, everyone around you can sense the conversation you’re having inside. As it helps to nourish and feed the energy and environment within and around you.

5.The spiritual aura plane:

This plane has solely to do with our spirituality and connects us to both our immediate surroundings and to the wider universe. This layer connects to other people’s spiritual planes, we can better sense like-minded souls. When you have a clear spiritual aura you will find yourself connecting with other people on the same path as you, discovering the same things basically, others you can teach, share with, and learn from.

6.The intuitional aura plane:

This plane, also known as the celestial plane It is where we store our dreams, intuition, and overall spiritual awareness. This is where we store forgiveness and acceptance as well. When you think of an enlightened person, think of their peacefulness, calm, kindness, patience behaviors.

You can sense a healthy intuitional aura plane in complete nirvana when you are near people like this you also start to feel more centered in their presence. Enlightened souls, sometimes also called indigo personalities.

7.The absolute aura plane:

The absolute plane works to balance and harmonize the other layers. It houses all the experiences of a soul’s journey and is the blueprint of a person’s spiritual destiny. Think of it as the auric big red bow the finishing touch on top of your energy field.

How to find your aura?

View your aura colors by holding your index fingers tip to tip. Standing in front of a plainly colored or white wall, hold your arms out at arms’ length in front of you, index fingers still touching. Slowly pull them apart, relaxing your vision to almost “zone out”. You will likely see an outline surrounding your fingers of a light blue/gray light. This is your first glimpse of auric energy. The more you practice, the more you will see and the more vivid the colors will become.

“Aura is what one reflects in the heart, what you bring into the world, and what people want to learn from you.”- Ozuna

What is your aura level?

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