Does music builds parent children relationship?

Music plays an important role in our culture. We find it in many aspects of our lives. Like television, movies, worship, holidays, celebration. Also in government and military ceremonies. From birth, parents use music to calm children, to express love, and to engage. Parents should identify how music can impact child development, improve social skills, and benefit children of all ages.

Several research articles in scientific journals point to the wide range of significant effects that learning and listening to music has on the brain development of children and adolescents. Other studies reveal that when parents share musical experiences with children and teens, including listening and dancing to music, as well as singing songs together, it has a positive effect on parent-child relationships. Also, it reports having better relationships with their moms and dads as they enter young adulthood.

Music bridge between parents and child:

Strong relationships with babies and young children begin with respectful, welcoming relationships. Family members should concentrate on what makes their child happy and how they comfort their children. They can share their cultural practices, values, and beliefs through music. Music also helps parents to appreciate their child’s unique personality.

When Parent and children have a good relationship, they can work together to support each other’s goals for the child. They can share information and ideas about the child’s day-to-day activities, mood, and behavior. Celebrate together when the child does something wonderful.

These things can make your child build strong relationships,

Identify a primary caregiver for your child

A primary caregiver can get to know both a child and the child’s family well. The family can help build a special bond between caregiver and the child. This, in turn, helps the child build relationships with other educators and with other children.

Teens and Music:

Teenagers may use musical experiences to form friendships and this helps to build relationships with parents too. They often want to hang out and listen to music after school with a group of friends. Teens often have a strong interest in taking music lessons or playing in a band. Parents can encourage them and can build a positive relationship.

Get in tune with your children:

When you and a child are in tune, you have an emotional connection. You get in tune with a young baby as you take turns looking, vocalizing, and smiling in response to each other. You get in tune with a toddler as you engage in play together and as you listen intently to what the child wants to say. Although you can’t give full attention every minute, you can stay aware of their needs and find opportunities to get to know her. As your relationship grows, you can begin to have powerful interactions. Use your knowledge and observations to make mutually satisfying connections; then purposefully extend the child’s learning as you play together.

“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.” ― Plato

Music builds the relationship and helps you achieve good mental health. Thus it can improve your productivity and helps to achieve financial independence and can foster your early retirement.

Do you enjoy music with your children? What are your ways to build a healthy relationship with your children?

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