Best New Food Experiences for Travelers in 2019

Almost everyone loves to travel. We travel mainly because of the place, environment, culture, tourist spots and of course, the foods! Food travel is getting hotter and hotter. People’s love for different foods makes food travel a trend. If you’re also a food junkie and want to go to places that offer great food, here’s a short list of the must-try foods of 2019.

Noma, Copenhagen, Denmark

The reincarnated restaurant of Rene Redzepi was launched in 2019 with so much expectation and hype. It is one of the restaurants that is world’s best and absolutely the most influential in making New-Nordic cuisine. Noma 2.0 contains an exclusive and highly creative seasonal menu. It includes seafood, vegetable, forest and game. Midwest Mark stated, “I dined here a few weeks ago with my wife and another couple, as we all flew into Copenhagen for a “culinary weekend” from Chicago. We had an amazingly brilliant dining experience, from the first greeting at the entry by dozens of staff, to the meal itself, to the post-dinner relaxation in their lounge as they reset the room for the late seating. A truly remarkable experience, one we will never forget.”

Mihara Tofuten, Bangkok, Thailand

If you’re looking for a tofu restaurant that is Japanese-influenced, Mihara Tofuten is the place to go. This restaurant owned by Chef Gaggan Anand is an ambitious and adventurous taste trip. Mihara Tofuten offers omakase-style, authentic tofu to Bangkok. You can pick from pistachio and matcha-flavored tofu bites and soya ice cream that comes with dark and white chocolate as a dessert that will convert skeptics.

Dime in the Dome, The Summerhouse, Singapore

The Summerhouse is famous for its enchanted diners that come with an outdoor edible garden. Now, you can enjoy the luxury feels in this air-conditioned and stylish igloo while enjoying the food under the steamy and starry Singapore nights. You can choose from 3 different themes namely Scandinavian, Bohemian, and Lounge. The wild strawberry and wafting lemongrass contribute to the rustic and rural romance.

Salt at Paul Cluver, Grabouw, South Africa

This restaurant offers next level food pairing. Here at Salt, there are 6 different kinds of salt on each table. Every course comes along with a specific salt and not only with a certain wine. This restaurant is in the winery of Paul Cluver, found in Elgin Valley near Cape Town.

The Fishmarket Edinburg, Scotland

This restaurant is co-created by the former head chef of Rick Stein’s, Roy Brett and from the Welch Fishmongers, Gary Welch. It opened last spring 2018. The structures came from the scratch found from the grounds of the former market located on Newhaven Pier. On the 19th century, this place is where fish sellers and merchants would ply their trade. The restaurant’s interior design is based on its Victorian heritage. It also creates a pleasing and picturesque setting wherein you can enjoy oysters, lobsters, and champagne.

These are just five of the must-try foods for the year 2019. These foods are perfect for those who look for unique and culture-rich food. Visiting new places in search for new food is super fun and enjoying. SO, start packing up, and ready your taste buds for an amazing food travel. Remember, “You don’t need a silver fork to eat good food.” -Paul Prudhomme

Why do you travel? What do you want to see and experience in the places you visit?

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