Most Googled Travel Destinations in 2018

The world has lots of beautiful places and travel destinations that are worth the visit. There are over a hundred countries in the world. And each country has several tourist spots and travel destinations. If you’re planning to visit a tourist destination, here are some that can serve as a guide.

Most Googled Travel Destinations

1. Eternal City

Rome, Italy – the most searched place according to google is Italy, most especially, Rome. Rome is called the “Eternal City” because the Ancient Romans believed that no matter how many empires came in and out and no matter what happened to the world, Rome would and still does continue to go on forever. It has ancient ruins, soaring mountains, beautiful natural beaches, wonderful museums and spectacular cities. The best recommended time of the year to visit this beautiful place is between the months of October and April. Although a warm coat is suggested to bring as the weather gets a bit chilly, lower room rates and lesser amounts of tourist crowds are there.

2. The City of Lights

Paris – Often referred to as the City of Lights, Paris is one of the most famous tourist attractions for both young and adult. What makes Paris, France more popular is its iconic Eiffel Tower. It has lots to offer such as its culture and architecture plus its food and very rich history. The time to visit this City of Lights is from spring to fall as the weather is warm and sunny making the sights easier to see and fewer crowds.

3. Northern Lights

Iceland – The Northern Lights, the natural lights that glow and sway in the sky, are what makes Iceland so famous. But along with these lights, Iceland offers drifting icebergs, steaming geysers, erupting volcanoes and black lava beaches. The best time to visit Iceland depends on what you’re looking to do there. If a warm vacation is what you’re looking for, going between June through July is suggested. To visit the Northern Lights, between the months of September to April is suggested as these are the months with full dark nights.

4. Paradise Island

The Bahamas – the Bahamas is another term for crystal blue and white sand beaches, or in yet another term, Paradise Island. The Bahamas also have lots of different islands, amazing culture, and activities for entertainment. For good weather, the time to visit the Bahamas is best between December to April as you can avoid rainy days and hurricanes. Be sure to make reservations a few months beforehand as the island is very packed during these months.  If you’re looking for fewer crowds and spending less the summer months are the best times to go. Although during these months hurricanes are most likely to occur and the rainy season starts, you can enjoy a relaxing time spending less and saving more.

5. Emerald Island

Ireland – Ireland can provide gothic, haunted, imposing, stately, Irish castles that you can visit. You can also find the Guinness Storehouse where you can also tour around. You can discover their culture and heritage at your every turn.

6. The Sin City

Las Vegas, Nevada – Las Vegas, also known as Sin City, has a lot to offer. The Las Vegas Boulevard is considered as one of the most popular streets in the whole world. The weather, Hoover dam and the excellent service is what you need to experience here in Las Vegas.

According to Google, Italy tops the list followed by Paris, Iceland, The Bahamas, Ireland, and Las Vegas, Nevada as the most googled places. This means that these 6 places are the most sought after travel destinations in the world. If you’re looking forward to traveling in different places, these 6 is the top pick for the international list of must-travel places. Whenever you travel, remember the quote “No matter where or why you travel, there’s always something wonderfully new to be found”.

How about you? What are the places you want to go to? And why do you want to go to that specific place?

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