Everyday Habits that are bad for your Joints

Every day, we engage in different physical activity that involves our bones, muscles, and joints. Often times, we’re unaware that certain activities we do every day can damage our bones, muscles, and joints. Joints are very important because it connects the bones in our skeletal system. It provides mobility and stability that enables us to move and bend. Joints, most especially, are being neglected and disregarded.

Most of us don’t know that there are certain habits are bad for our joints. These habits should be avoided to prevent any joint complications to develop. Here are some of the daily habits that are harmful to your joints.

Too much texting

Texting and using your phone too often can lead to joint pain. The joints in our hands and fingers are being used in an abusive manner. Almost every one of us uses our phone a lot. We always have our phone with us in almost everything we do. To prevent thumb and joint pain, minimize texting. If that is not possible, you can frequently change the position of your hand in holding the phone. You can also place your phone on a flat surface to give you’re a hand a break. You can make use of the stylus or speech-to-text function of your device. Doing so will give your hand and fingers a rest.

Ignoring joint pain

It’s really a habit that we always do – ignoring little pains. Most of us think that this little pain is just a result of fatigue, but sometimes it’s not. This pain can already be an indication of joint injury. When it is frequently ignored, it can result in further joint damage.

Too much exercise

Too much of everything is harmful, too much exercise is not an exception. Overexerting can be bad, not only to your bones and muscles, it can affect your whole body. Too much pressure and joint stress are harmful. It can cause damage to your joint if used frequently with excessive force. Moderation is the key. Don’t overdo your exercise., and don’t push yourself too much.

Stressing too much

When you’re stressed, your body releases chemicals that cause inflammation. This stress can inflame our joints too, especially if you have rheumatoid arthritis. So, it is best to avoid stress. It can be done through meditation, prayer, exercise or individual therapy.

Our joints are responsible for our stability and mobility, without them, the movement will be very difficult. It is fairly important that you take good care of your joints too, just like how you take care of your skin, figure, hair etc. You can easily take care of your joints by avoiding the habits stated above. Partner it with a proper diet and a healthy lifestyle. Always remember that health is wealth.

Do you know that there are certain habits that can damage your joint? How can you assure that your daily habits do not aggravate your joints? How do you take care of your joints?

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