Foods with Sustainable Benefits

Everyone loves food. It is what keeps us alive and kicking every day. There are different foods that offer different benefits. Some are good for our health while some are made to satisfy our sweet tooth and cravings. Foods that have health benefits are found everywhere, how about foods that have sustainable benefits?

What are foods with sustainable benefits?

There are no exact definitions that define sustainable food. Foods are sustainable if:

  • Contributes to the sustainable livelihoods and thriving local economies
  • Protects the diversity of both animals and plant as well as the welfare of wild and farmed animals
  • Avoids wasting and damaging the natural resources
  • Does not contribute to climate change
  • Provides social benefits like foods of good quality, healthy and safe products
  • Offers educational opportunities

Examples of sustainable foods:

  1. Rope-grown mussels
  2. Beans
  3. Farmed carp
  4. Bison
  5. British apples
  6. Morland mutton
  7. Sharps doom bar beer
  8. Sheep drove organic turkey
  9. Tropical wholefoods apricots
  10. Carbon gold grochar

Sustainable foods are considered good foods. Good foods do not only help the local farmers and markets, but they also help in conserving the environment. Sustainable foods reduce the production of food waste thus saves energy and natural resources that were used to produce and dispose it. It also allows consumers to eat better. Consumption of vegetables, fruits, grains, pulses and small amounts of animal products produce high welfare and environmental standards. It helps to reduce any health risks and greenhouse gases.

Sustainable foods also protect and promote the local economy. It benefits the countryside and wildlife at the same time, it minimizes the energy used in the production, transportation, and storage of foods. Switching to good food is a great option. Remember this quote from François De La Rochefoucauld, “To eat is a necessity, but to eat intelligently is an art”. So, eat intelligently. Eat sustainably.

What are preferences when it comes to the food you eat? How does your choice of food affect your environment?

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