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Are you scouting around for houses to buy? Are you also a first-timer, racking your brains to find home-buying answers? We got your back! We have answers to the lot from real estate and mortgage experts to help make home-buying affordable and trouble-free for you!

In most cases, buying a home isn’t beginner-friendly. After all, there are many rungs to the ladder for you to climb and you being worried about making an expensive mistake is nothing but common. But there’s always a silver lining! First-time homebuyers enjoy special advantages created to encourage their kind into the real estate market. (You may qualify as a first-timer even if you are less experienced!)
Here is how we paint the ‘before, during, and after’ – of your home-buying process, so you get the best out of your buy.
U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development made it easier for first-time homebuyers to get help from state programs, tax breaks, and federally backed loans.

Before you begin looking, you might want to consider –
-The residence type that serves your needs
-Financing that you can secure
-Who will be your search-cops?

    1. During the process, you will need to go through –
      -Finding the property
      -Securing financing
      -Making an offer
      -Getting a house inspection
      -Closing the purchase.

      After you move in and call ‘home’, maintaining your home while continuing to save is essential.

home buying Process

Questions to Ask Yourself Before Buying Your First Home

Well, buying a home is one of the important decisions we make in our lives. It is not only attached to what we pay but also, emotionally to our lives, our family, our future, and indirectly to our children’s future. Whether it is buying a home for yourself or an investment, it demands a handful of homework to get your hands on that one destined home.

Questioning makes it easier on us. It gives us clarity as to what our new home demands us.
1. What is your budget?
2. What is the locality/neighborhood you are targeting for?
3. What kind of a home do you need?
4. What kind of features do you need in it?
5. What is its resale value?
6. Is it updated or to be remodeled?
7. Any discounted / unwanted features?
8. Whom you should contact to make this process an effortless one?

During a lazy evening while relaxing on your couch, sipping a cup of coffee, try answering these 8 simple questions for yourself. It will leave you with utmost clarity on where exactly you should focus for getting your new home! An experienced mind, which can think for you and answer any question with awareness and outlook on present market trends – will very much avoid the unnecessary cluttery paperwork and mind-boggling decisions. At the end of the day, you will only be left with a few (very few!) homes sitting in your email waiting for your response, ones which are best suitable for your criteria. They will be scouted based on your answers to the above questions. As simple as that! Why hover over a fancy home and waste time when you know you’re not going to buy it anyway? Why waste time negotiating a deal with a neighborhood – one that you don’t even want to live in? We are in an era of “choice”, make this wise choice to choose Raj’s BCC RLTY, buckle up and sit back comfortably until an email drops for you with a list of considerable future homes where you have the royalty of “Choice”! It’s up to you whether to choose BCC RLTY or put your mind into a hassle and waste time on unworthy decisions. It’s all about a ‘choice’ again right? Choose the best!

Raj’s proficient team can assure you a seamless home buying experience by only focusing on the needed featured homes that, based on your criteria. Thanks to our very own preliminary Neighborhood and Home scanning processes with a genuine intention to give you and your family the best home not just to survive but to “live”.

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