When It's Time To Pull Up Roots And Replant Yourself In New Surroundings

Moving from known to new surroundings can itself be a daunting task. Considering you are a first-timer, selling your current house at a desirable price can prove to be of dismay.

With the right approach, you can close the sale of your house in no time!

Here are 7 steps to help you sell your house:
1. Fixer-upper – Mend your house of any damages
2. Work smart, not hard – Get a real estate professional to help you out
3. Pricing – Price your house to your desire
4. Marketing – Leave no stone unturned for the marketing of your house
5. First impressions – Always be ready for house showings
6. Offers – Know the art of handling negotiation
7. Closing – Close the deal on a happy notes

We Deliver What You Expect As Exceptional

Having a real estate professional can help you in the following ways:
– Assistance in finding any services needed for your house.
– Help set the best price for your house.
– Boost the marketing of your house.
– Stage your house most attractively for showings.
– Analyze the feedback from house showings.
– They are aware of the market conditions and know what affects your house’s sale.
– Filter through potential buyers.
– Evaluate every offer.
– Get the best price for your house.
– Manage all the contractual, title, and transaction details.
– Ensure everything goes smoothly for the closing of your sale.
– Assistance in arranging for a moving company and relocation agent if needed.

Home Selling process

How it works?

Home Selling process

Strategically Pricing Your Home Is Vital To Getting It Sold For The Most Money In The Least Amount Of Time

Are You Looking To Sell Your Home Fast?

A Comprehensive Approach To Showcasing Your Home And Community.

We are the only ones who knew more about your home, sweet home! Many might have misconceptions while uploading their home to the market. A mere profile updating of a home in an X service won’t get your work done. It’s a sequential process. It is more like applying for your dream job to sell yourself for the highest package! You’ll have to show the best face of your home with all the buzzing amenities. A person looking for a below mid-range home might not get the value of your feature-rich high-range home. So, it’s a waste of your intellectual time to reach such a customer. This is where most of the sellers lose their patience, selling at the wrong place. We are here to make this process substantially seller-friendly! With our interconnected local database and our experience in delivering the best value all through these years, We can exactly scan where your home can stand in the market, where it has to be published, and what kind of customers can be attracted to it. This is why we are rated the highest in our locality when it comes to our customer satisfaction.

Negotiating and offering a correct price is where all the expertise lies in the real estate and this is where people will fall into traps, with less awareness of the present market. As our minds are always on the side of scanning the present market trends and understanding the mindset of buyers, we can assure you that your home will be placed at an attractive spot with a non-negotiable price. Offer making is an art and not everyone is an artist. We do understand your concerns while selling a home and we are here gladly to make that process a hassle-proof one!

Next time, when you are selling your home just allow yourself a couple of minutes to understand the sequence of steps involved and the burden that comes free with that process. If you don’t consider these steps, a whole long list of ‘unsold homes for years together’ is can’t wait to include your sweet home into them. It’s not the mistake of home, it’s the error in a decision many make while selling it and uploading it to the market. Marketing in the right way, showcasing it in the right format assures you a faster sale for sure and we are here to do that!

What our Clients say....

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Raj has been so helpful for many transactions over the years. He's honest and shares his insight throughout the process. He offers creative solutions if there are any hiccups along the way. He's never pushy and waits until the buyer is ready to make the decision. Highly recommended!
Kavya Velagapudi
Dear Rajanikanth, Thank you so much for all of your help! We are so grateful for all of the hard work you've done to help us sell our home within the given time. We are endlessly grateful to have you as our agent and couldn't be happier with the way everything worked out. Rajanikanth made selling our home such a breeze. I was new to home selling, and have heard horror stories from friends about terrible agents. Rajanikanth was professional and personal! He never made me feel uncomfortable and helped me every step of the way! Thank you, Rajanikanth! You're ...
Sanjeev Sharma
We have been working with Raj on multiple home buying contracts over the past year. He has been amazingly responsive. As first-time home buyers, we went into multiple panic situations and Raj was able to keep us calm and committed through the whole process till we got a new home. We had a sewer problem in an old home that we wanted to purchase and Raj helped negotiate a better deal for the home but unfortunately, we had to drop the contract because of an appraisal issue. He guided us and helped us get out of the situation and move ...
Hari Shankar
He is a very good realtor.. he helped me with a lot of house-related.. I faced a sewer problem while during the process of buying old home.. he is the one who suggested me not to buy that wait till seller response with solution for problem. Thank you Raj.
Akshaya Ravi
Raj is a very knowledgeable, friendly, and professional realtor. He makes the home buying experience super easy.
Akanksha Sharma
I wish I had an option to rate more than 5 stars. This gentleman is great and I would love to leave a detailed review. I got several opportunities to work with him personally and my experience was just great every single time. He is very professional, thorough, and responsive. He is very knowledgeable and always attempts to benefit his client thru his expertise. The best part is you never feel you are the second priority for him. I experienced it and head very similar from other people too. His support doesn’t stop at house closing, it goes along the ...
Mitesh Gaur
Rajani is one of my very good friends for 20+ years. He is very easy and one of the best persons to work with. He is also a very well reputed Realtor in the Denver metro area. He helped us in selling our house in Aurora,CO - with us living in Houston TX. It is not always easy to transact remotely but working with him made our house sale very easy. He was very professional and kept us well informed and with no surprises. He protected our interests and guided us on getting above market price for a 20+ yr ...
Vamshi Kyatham
Raj is trustworthy and has the patience to understand the client's needs and find appropriate homes. My family worked with him on a few homes, he is the best realtor that I suggest and we all are very happy with his services.
Deepak Pujar
Rajanikanth was very friendly and helpful. He knows the business in and out. Guided us correctly in choosing the correct options and making the right decision at the right time.
Kiran Sankar
Raj has helped us tremendously to sell my property in Parker, CO. He was referred to me by my best friend. Since I live in NC, it was very important to find a reliable and trusted realtor to sell my property without me being physically available in CO. Raj went beyond his responsibilities in helping us find the contractors to get property cleaned and ready for showing in selling. He was very diligent in helping me understand the process and walking and constantly reminding so that everything progresses and stays on track. He is very knowledgeable in turn helping me ...
Mahesh Ediga

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