Time journal method to identify your activities!

Time journal method is the way of productive planning of your daily activities. In order to find the destination when you don’t know the route, you need a direction, not the map. After “building a compass” exercise

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We need to go to “wayfinding” of our life in life designing. Design thinking helps us to find our way by following a good time journal. Hence, focusing on engagement and energy level can provide very helpful clues to wayfinding your path.

A good time journal:

You can make a good time journal in a hand in a bound journal or use a three-ring binder with loose sheets or you can do it on your computer too. Choose any format you like but an important part is making entries regularly.

Two important elements of good time journal are:

1.Activity log (Where I’m engaged and energized)

The activity log lists your daily activities and how engaged you are in particular work and how it makes you feel energized like, positive energy or negative energy. Different kinds of activities motivate us in different ways. Your job is to figure out which activity is motivating you the most. Because this can help you what you are really interested in and can give much priority for that work and help you get success. It will also help you identify those activities you feel bored. By this way, you can change the way you behave in that activity and can make it favorite slowly.

2.Reflections (Where you discover What you are learning)

This is the second element and it helps you look over your activity log and insights, It gives you a clue about what works and what doesn’t works for you. If you can do a good time journal for 3 weeks or more. You can list out all the activities that you are going through.

Paying detailed attention to what makes you engaged and energized in the activity can help you identify your interests and help you reach your goals faster.

“Not all those who wander are lost” ― L.GARNER

A good time journal can help you track your daily activities. Thus making it easy to design the life you desire. This, in turn, can improve your productivity and helps to achieve financial independence and can foster your early retirement.

Did you ever try any type of time journal?

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Photo by Vladimíra Osadníková on Unsplash


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