How volunteering can change your world?

It is not just the benefit of volunteering itself that is noteworthy but the values that volunteering can embed within individuals, families, communities, and society. At its most basic level, volunteering is about being engaged with your local community. It is an act of civic engagement and a true expression of active citizenship. Volunteering enables the world to develop and sustain safe, healthy, integrated and caring communities.

volunteerism can be another powerful and cross-cutting means of implementation. Volunteerism can help to expand and mobilize constituencies, and to engage people in national planning and implementation for the Sustainable Development Goals.”

Helping those less fortunate, giving their time up to support others. changing the status and working in harmony with people from all walks of life are all qualities that volunteers possess. Volunteers are actors of change who change lives and who can change the world.

Here are 3 tips to continue your volunteering:

1. Create stability for success:

“To have volunteer organizations within a society is a highly desirable situation. It is not easy though, because of a lot of people who have the skills or the motivation to help have families and other commitments of their own. They have to work to sustain these and so forth, which all limits the amount of time that people have. You have to, in fact, ensure that both the volunteers and the organizations are in a viable position before you can start changing policies. If you can meet all the needs, then any volunteer organization is a great community or national asset.

2.Enable collective responsibility:

“There is a continual need to change the government to assist and encourage communities to take responsibility. Also, there is always the risk that key volunteers will find that they have got to give up volunteering. Age is one obvious problem, and succession planning is the strategy to have in place in that instance.

3. Change tactics with changing times:

“Fundraising is also a big challenge. You have to be able to see the opportunities as they appear. An organization in the U.S took part in the Telethon back in 1981. To benefit disabled people, they raised over six million dollars. From that alone, there were probably 200 modified vehicles around the country that the taxi companies provided for disabled people to travel in, and the government assisted by paying 50% of the ordinary taxi fare. Teletext, which has now been surpassed, was another technology we were able to utilize effectively.”

“You can study government and politics in school, but the best way to really understand the process is to volunteer your time”-Rob McKenna

Volunteering can improve your productivity and helps to achieve financial independence and can foster your early retirement.

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What are your experiences as a volunteer?

Photo by Cristi Tohatan on Unsplash.

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