Millennials to Rule the Market

Running a business nowadays with millennials is very different compared to running a business in the past. Business used to be easy, you just have to create a product, advertise, and people will come flocking your products. Today, there have been big changes, especially that technology and social media take part in it.

Millennials, who use gadgets and social media, now represent the largest sector of consumers all over the world. This means businesses have to step up their game to attract millennials because they’re starting to rule the market. It is also a major challenge to businesses because millennials are one of the most educated consumers in history. They are aware of the traditional ads and commercial pitches and will not be easily deceived. So, for business marketers out there, here’s a quote for you, “when millennials make it tough, businesses should be tougher”. To help you get tougher, here’s some ideas to get the attention of this tech-savvy generation.


How to attract the millennials?

A different marketing strategy is needed to get the attention of this generation. Millennials are different from the older generations. They don’t focus on a great deal, rather on the values that the product holds or is associated with. Business groups who have caught the taste and attention of this generation have a great advantage.

Solve their problem

This generation wants goods and services that will provide ease to their daily life. A great example of this is Uber. People can now book cabs anywhere and you don’t have to worry about cash. They want solutions to their problems. Businesses should provide solutions or offer services that this generation can use to make their lives easier.

Focus on mobile

Reaching for them is easy. If you look closely, you’ll see that they’re so engrossed with their phones. Over 85% of millennials possess a smartphone. In order to reach them, you should optimize your website for mobile. Doing so will have greater success to get the millennial market. Make sure that your website is user-friendly, mobile optimized, and easily navigated.

Brand Ambassadors 

The best way to advertise, especially to them is by word of mouth. This means your customers are the best salesperson because they’ve tested your product and proved its effectivity. They are great ambassadors to persuade millennials to patronize your product and services. The existence of social media influencer makes it easy for marketers to reach social media users that the majority is millennials.

Millennials are starting to rule the market. Business should consider that this generation makes up the majority of the consumers today. Technology, mobile and social media are the platforms that marketers need to focus on.

How will you market millennials? What are your marketing strategies to attract this generation?

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