3 Ways that helps us to innovate!

Innovation is the core business strategy to reach the next level of success. It is not just about getting new ideas. But also foundational key to success. To become an innovative company create a culture of innovation—an environment that encourages creative ideas and innovation is much important. Make it as one of the top items on your leadership and maintain consistently.

Here are the 3 ways that make everyone create and innovate,

1.Your Leadership Style

Leaders behavior can make or break innovation. A recent survey revealed that only 33 percent of employees think their boss is open to unique ideas and opinions. A leader should always be open to hearing new ideas. So it’s important to analyze your behavior.

These aspects of your leadership style might stop innovation:

1. Do you often dismiss others’ ideas offhand because you’re pressed for time?
2. Do you immediately look for the reason an idea won’t work rather than remaining open to exploring its possibilities?
3. Do you ask for new ideas but not use them?

If you point out people constantly they stop coming with new ideas.
If you regularly shoot down or shelve ideas, people will stop coming to you with ideas. For example, it may be due to a lack of resources. Communicating with people brings confidence among them that you respect them. Also, they think that you appreciate their effort.

2.Your Talent for innovation

Hiring the right people during the interview process is important to take your business to the next level. Lisa Bodell, a globally recognized innovation leader, developed 14 interview questions to help you hire your next innovator. You should also include innovation as part of the performance review process. Rate people on their ability to generate ideas that increase efficiency or save time. Innovation will help you compete for the future and is essential for the sustainability of your company.

3.Nature of the workplace

The climate in your company is a mix of the prevalent values, norms also attitudes, behaviors, of the people in your company. One of your chief tasks as a leader is to establish the right climate so people are inspired and encouraged to innovate. Here are a few things you can do that will have a powerful influence on people’s willingness to share their ideas. Always make sure you follow these things in your workplace,

  • Eradicate fear
  • Encourage innovation
  • Provide freedom

 ” Innovation comes from people meeting up in the hallways or calling each other at 10:30 at night with a new idea because they realized something that shoots holes in how we’ve been thinking about a problem. It’s ad hoc meetings of six people called by someone who thinks he has figured out the coolest new thing ever and who wants to know what other people think of his idea.”- Steve Jobs

What are your ways to be innovative?

Innovation can improve your productivity and helps to achieve financial independence and can foster your early retirement.

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