Science of spirituality to build your spiritual practice!

Spirituality has been making an interesting comeback in recent years, or perhaps an entry into the mainstream. Many of the lessons draw from religious tradition, yogic philosophy and meditation, and the idea of a greater, or universal, consciousness. The only concept behind it is the idea of getting out of our own way. Also being conscious. The science of spirituality explores the link between religion and well-being.

But what’s really fascinating about this idea is that it’s not actually specific to spirituality. Many people talk of feeling, under the right conditions, like they’re in the flow as if something greater has taken over and they’re simply letting it happen. Writers, artists, musicians, designers, athletes, and many others have experienced this state of flow.

Ben Michaelis, Ph.D., a clinical psychologist and author of Your Next Big Thing, makes a couple of points about what’s likely going on when we get out of our own way and into the flow. Lets first look at the other end of the spectrum “when we’re stressed, which might be considered as out of “flow.” He points out that at these times, our thinking starts to suffer. So, we manage to look for non-existing patterns and draw conclusions that don’t exist. But the meditation can help us to be in flow and improves our cognitive thinking and thereby reduces stress.

Brewer has talked about this phenomenon in TEDx talks. Which has shown that meditation quiets the areas of the brain that are the equivalent to the “brakes”. So it helps us get into a flow state very quickly. He adds that to get out of our own way of thinking or also get out from depression, you have to utilize other methods besides your usual mode of thinking. You can’t solve the problem with the same consciousness that created it. But saying to yourself, ‘I’m going to solve my problems and being optimistic’ can actually do it.

Benefits of Spiritual Practice:

  • Live Longer
  • Experiences more happiness
  • Commitment to their relations
  • Promote the healthy development of their children
  • Have a lower risk of depression and suicide

Here are 5 ways to begin spiritual practice in your daily life:

1.Determine the type of people that you want to surround yourself

2. Learn to meditate.

3. Use movement to connect with your own body

4. Create rituals

5.Volunteer or donate to a cause that is important to you

“If you ask a tree how he feels to know that he’s spreading his fragrance and making people happy, I don’t think a tree looks at it that way. I am just like that, and it is just my nature to be like this.” ― Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev

Spirituality can improve your productivity and helps to achieve financial independence and can foster your early retirement.

Do you think spiritual health is important? What are your ways to find spirituality in your daily routines?

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Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

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