Three Aspects of Deeper Self-Care

“Love and take care of yourself first before anyone else”, they say. This may sound so easy, but what does self-love and self-care really mean? Some people will say that self-love is pampering yourself like a massage, hot shower, or a manicure. But the true meaning of self-love and self-care is something deeper.

Self-love and self-care mean finding deeper inner peace. It requires nurturing and cultivating of one’s self by embracing their experiences in life. They should let their experiences help them to grow and foster. There are three aspects to achieve deeper self-care:

  1. Being gentle with yourself

Being gentle and kind to other people is easier for us compared to you being gentle with yourself. In order to achieve deeper self-care, you should be gentler to yourself. This means you should kindly accept and understand all the feelings and emotions that arise within you. You should understand that as a human being, it is normal to be sad, afraid, and hurt sometimes. This is natural emotions that all human beings feel. It is not a sign of weakness, rather a sign of strength if we become mindful of these feelings. We need to provide a friendly space for these feelings.

  1. Allowing your experiences to be as it is

Often times, we choose to forget painful experiences in ways that it could destruct as such as drinking alcohol. We want to forget and push these unpleasant feelings and experiences away. But the more we try to get away with it, the more it causes destruction to us. We should accept that experiences will not always be happy and all joyous. There will always be a gloomy part or experience once in our life. You should accept it as it is and allow it to help you grow and be strong.

  1. Accepting the Wisdom of Not-Knowing

We belong in the society that values knowledge and decisiveness. That is why many people are afraid to admit that they didn’t know certain things and/or feelings. It shouldn’t be the case. We as human beings continue to learn more every day. We should accept that we don’t know certain things and be strong enough to admit it. Doing so will free you from anxiety or worry. There will always be things and feelings that we don’t know or we’re not aware of. The best thing to do is accept it. There will always be the right time to know and understand the things and feelings we ought to know.

Accepting who and what you are will be a big step to achieve self-care. Find inner peace and value all your experiences and mistakes. Allow them to help you grow. These experiences and past mistakes should be our allies, not enemies. By accepting them, and allowing them to nurture and cultivate you, turns them into allies. These allies help us love and care ourselves deeper. They will also help us to be strong to continue our journey in life.

How do you show self-care and self-love to yourself? What are your ways in taking deeper care of yourself?

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