Disadvantages of FSBO

More often, we want to sell our house by ourselves. Most people think that this strategy is more practical than hiring a real estate agent. They think that a large portion of the sale will go to the commission of the agent they’re going to hire. That is not true. We get that you want to be independent when it comes to selling your home, but make sure that it will not be a problem in getting the most value of your property. Selling your home on your own might be a little fulfilling, but it is one of your assets. You should be making the most out of your property. FSBO has disadvantages that will make you re-think if you really want to be on your own.

Lack of Access to a Wider Range of Market

Today, most buyers rely on the internet to search for potential houses they can purchase. Only a few still rely on newspapers. Yes, you might also have access to the internet, then what? Real estate agents have an access to a wider range and real time pulse of the market that will make it easier to look for a potential buyer.

Insufficient Marketing Strategy

A large number of homeowners purchased their home from advertisements online followed by houses from real estate agents. Technological advancement really changes the game. Ads from newspaper and yard signs no longer attract buyers.

Negotiation with a lot of People

It is such a hassle to negotiate with a lot of people; from a potential buyer to his/her agent, buyer’s attorney, home inspection companies, and appraisers to check the market value of your home.  Imagine how time-consuming and frustrating that is? /will you be able to handle that alone?

You Net Less Money Compared when Using an Agent

Contrary to what most people believe in, selling houses on your own will most likely lead to a lower price sale when compared to the closed deal of a real estate agent. This is mainly because a listing agent can reach more potential buyer than you can. In that way, there will be more chances of higher bidding and higher sale. FSBO does not actually save more money, it can actually cost you more and will not give you the best deal. Also, a savvy buyer sees through what you are doing and will try to pocket that saving by negotiating hard.

It is actually very nice to be independent, but in some things, such as house selling, it is better to ask assistance from experts and professionals than FSBO. If you want to make the most money out of your house or property, you will need the help of the right individual to make things better and easier for you. In this case, real estate agents are the ones to call.

Will you be ready with all the hassles and paper works?

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