How Much Access Should You Give To Prospective Home Buyers

Access is at the top of the list that determines a quality listing, and there is a good reason as to why. The type of access you allow will be followed by your agent whenever prospective buyers wish to see your property. Since access is the initial step that helps home buyers make up their mind, this affects the sale.

There are levels of access that you could grant your prospects. I’ve listed them down so you can decide which would be the most comfortable choice for you.

Five Different Ways to Access

• Lock box on the Door- This leaves the candidates and your agent to freely visit your property. You may or may not be aware of their visit, but you are allowing more people to view your home. Therefore a higher chance of being sold.

• Providing the key to the Home – This is still convenient, but the prospect’s agent may need to stop by a corresponding office to get the keys.

• Open Access with a Phone Call – A phone call from you will be necessary to permit the viewing of the house. You also can miss this depending on how busy you are.

• By Appointment Only – This requires an appointment to be set in advance, which may be inconvenient for some interested home-buyers.

• Limited Access – The property is only available at specific days, at particular times.

Deciding on the type of access you’re willing to give your prospects depends on how much you wish to be involved in the initial stages of the home-selling process. Having prospective home buyers visit the home when they intend to will also make them joyful. It can lead to a positive negotiation and possibly a sale.

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If you were the home buyer, which of these access options would you prefer? And why?


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