Best New Places for Travelers to Stay in 2019

It’s another year for new beginnings, new learnings, new friends, new experiences and new places to travel. This year, there are lots of places for you to visit and stay. If you’re planning to go backpacking here the best places to go and see for the year 2019:

Arctic bath, Sweden

This Arctic Bath is in Sweden and it resembles a mammoth bonfire but don’t worry, this giant ring of jumbled logs will only set your heart on fire. It is an enigmatic structure floating in the Swedish Lapland’s Lule River. You can also find relaxation rooms, saunas and a regulated ice bath of 4 degrees Celsius. It is made up of 6 angular cabins and the complex.

Ideal Eco-Hostel Paraguay

When you stay at this eco-hostel, you’re also embracing nature by helping in its conservation. This hostel is in the town of Pilar and operated by Para La Tierra. Para La Tierra is an award-winning and respected NGO that works for the protection of threatened habitats. It also promotes environmental education, scientific research and community engagement. The guests have the chance to do or volunteer for different biodiversity projects. The hostel’s proceeds also help in funding its work. Grace P. said, I stayed in Ideal Eco-Hostel long term while working in Pilar.

The staff are all genuine, helpful, and strikingly knowledgeable. The food is fantastic and healthy, the atmosphere relaxed, the amenities clean. The locals like to stop by to hang out and seem to be all close to the staff, and are very friendly and want to engage with you in cross-language dialogue. Pilar is extremely safe, walkable, convenient and beautiful. You could also ask the staff to borrow a bike if you want to explore. I think the organization running the hostel is dedicated to conservation work. This means that you’ll feel good knowing your stay benefits something greater.

Thurgau Bubble Hotel, Switzerland

If you want to see a bubble that never burst, Thurgau Bubble Hotel is the place to go. This hotel offers transparent bubble-like rooms. It has beds that will let you experience a floating feeling through nature. You can enjoy the starry skies, view of orchards, vineyards, sweeping garden, and lakes.

Blackdore Caye, Belize

This eco-resort was launched by Leonardo DiCaprio. It is totally powered by renewable energy and it is fed only by sunshine and rainwater. Moreover, it also plans to regenerate surroundings on and offshore. The main focus of this resort, aside from the environmental conservation, is the health and wellness of the guests.

The Siren hotel, Detroit, USA

One of the rising cities of the United States is Detroit, and the Siren Hotel contributes to it. This boutique hotel is composed of 106 rooms and a rejuvenated the derelict. Its rooms are a mixture of modern flair and color, reborn grandeur. This hotel also provides easy access to the city’s galleries. You can also find midtown museums such as Detroit Institute of Arts.

These are just some of the must-see places to visit in 2019. There are lots of places for you to discover. These five best places to go to for travelers this 2019. It’s always nice to start the year with a relaxing or adventurous backpacking experience. It will let you kick start your new year with an unforgettable and fun experience.  Wherever you go, remember this, “Take only memories, leave only footprints.” – Chief Seattle

When do you want to go to this 2019? Why do you want to visit those places?

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