Solo Travel Becoming an All-Time High

Traveling is a great form of recreation for most of us. It allows us to discover new places, culture, language, and environment. We got used to the traditional group or duo tours and trips. But currently, solo travel is in trend and continue to rise. This is because people who travel alone, have the choice to do the things they want. They can do the thing as they please. Solo travel is gaining popularity as travelers decide to go on trips without anyone but their self.

Why solo travel?

When asked why they travel solo, the common answer of travelers is the freedom. Solo travelers have the opportunity to do all the things they prefer to do. The choice of destination, itinerary and activities depend solely on their choice. Because of the increase in independent travel and rising demands, travel agencies are now offering several options for solo travelers.

The age range of most solo travelers is from 35-44 years old. Social media contributed to the increase in independent travel. The use of different apps allows them to easily travel and navigate their chosen destinations. With the use of these apps, they were able to travel alone confidently. Apps that enable free global messaging, language translation and world navigation make it easy for solo travelers to roam to different countries. There are apps that also enables people to connect with local hosts for dinners, a bed for the night or other solo travelers.

Solo travel allows travelers to have some alone time. This enables travelers or backpackers to enjoy their own company. It’s a way for them to make their own choices of foods, places, time, and destinations. The flexibility and freedom of solo travel are what makes it more preferred by most travelers. Always remember this,” As you travel solo, being totally responsible for yourself, it’s inevitable that you will discover just how capable you are”.

What do you prefer? Solo travel or by groups? How do you want your trips to be? Do you want to explore with other people or just enjoy the serenity and your trip on your own?

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