Ratan Mandavilly

Raj is a rock star real estate agent that I have known for 20 plus years. Five years ago, he helped us to find a dream home in Parker, CO. and we were able to close on it in a timely fashion at a great price. He has a great real estate sense and can quickly match your home requirements to what metro Denver neighborhoods have to offer. He conducts with great speed and at the same time does all the due diligence for you. He is also a good financial advisor and his advice was invaluable for us. Besides finding us a dream home, we were able to leverage his truly amazing network for any real estate-related problems we faced in the past 10 years. I still remember when I had an issue with a gas leak at one of my older homes he was able to tap into a plumber from his network and send him to help us in a few minutes. The other time, when we had a false alarm from my tenant about potential mold, he was able to completely own the problem and resolve it even though I was not even in the country and I was traveling. Even today we still get reminders from him to winterize our sprinklers and also any investment properties that we may be interested in. ALWAYS DEPENDABLE!! ALWAYS AVAILABLE!! NOW, HE IS MORE OF A FRIEND THAN AGENT

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