5 Foods that Beat Depression

Depression is not a simple mental disorder. In fact, it is one of the most serious cases of mental illnesses that results to death. It is normal to feel sad and lonely because it is a normal feeling for humans. But depression is deeper. For people who suffer it, these normal feeling of loneliness and sadness consumed them. It lasts for days. It causes them to feel alone, that pushes them to isolate. It causes people to lose interest in things that used to be pleasurable for them. It is a serious mental disorder that is one of the main causes why people commit suicide.

The most common people who suffer depression are those who have family problems. Some have problems with their friends, significant other, work, and/or with their self. This battle against anxiety, self-esteem, and self-worth that causes depression is hard to fight. You will need a helping hand in fighting depression. You can find your partner that will help you beat depression in your plate.

Yes! There are foods that will help you beat depression. Here are 5 of the best foods that can beat depression.

Dark Leafy Greens

One of the healthiest foods that are also a great fighter against depression is none other than dark green leafy vegetables. No question to that! Examples of these G-bombs are the kales, spinach, greens, and Swiss chard. It is a great fighter against all kinds of inflammation, including brain inflammation that leads to depression. In addition, dark leafy greens are also a great fighter against cancer.


If you’re looking for a plant that is a great source of omega-3 fatty acids, walnut is the answer. There are numerous studies supporting the claims that omega-3 fatty acids are not just healthy for the heart, but it also reduces the symptoms of depression and helps in supporting brain functions.


Avocados are packed with different kinds of vitamins such as Vitamin B5, B6, B9, vitamin C, vitamin E12 and Vitamin K. It also has 4 grams of protein which is higher compared to other fruits. In addition, avocados also have high fiber content and low in sugar. But the best part is that avocado contains oleic acid, a healthy fat needed by the brain for it to run and function smoothly. The oleic acid present in avocados gives you brainpower.


Tomatoes are not only great for the heart and skin, but it is also a great fighter against depression. Tomatoes have a large amount of alpha-lipoic acid and folic acid that are great.


Apples do not only keep the doctors away, but it also beats depression. It is rich in antioxidants that prevent oxidation damage and repair inflammation of cells. It also contains a high amount of soluble fiber that helps balance blood sugar levels.

These foods can be found in your fridge or your local market. Julia Child said, “you don’t have to cook fancy or complicated masterpieces, just good food from fresh ingredients”. These healthy fruits and veggies will not only give you a healthy body, but it will also help you beat depression. You can eat the given foods every day. This will ensure that your mind is healthy as well.

How do you take care of your mental health? Are you aware that the foods you eat affect the functions of your brain? How does your choice of foods affect your health?

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