How “Dry January” is the secret to Better Sleep and Weight Loss

Ever heard of Dry January? Dry January means abstaining from drinking alcoholic beverages or liquor for the first month of the year. It is a great way to start the year. Researchers found out that taking part in Dry January provides numerous health benefit. It is said to be the secret in having better skin, more energy, better sleep and losing weight. It also helps people to regain their control over their drinking habits.

The research conducted by the University of Sussex, led by Dr. Richard de Visser, Sussex psychologist, shows evident positive results of Dry January. This research evaluated more than 800 participants. The researcher reported that:

  • Drinking days of people who participated in the research, fell on average, from 4.3, it comes down to 3.3 per week.
  • The units consumed also dropped down from 8.6 to 7.1 per drinking day.
  • The frequency of getting drunk also dropped on average, from 3.4 to 2.1 per month.

According to Dr. Richard de Visser, a simple act of abstaining from alcohol for a month, helps and promote people to drink less in the long run. There are also immediate benefits. They were able to sleep better, lose weight and save money.

University of Sussex Research Findings

  • 93% of the people who participated in the research had a sense of achievement
  • 88% of the participant saved money
  • 82% had a deep realization of their relationship with alcoholic beverages
  • 80% are more in control of their drinking habits
  • 76% realized why and when they should drink
  • 71% of the participants realized that they can enjoy without drinking
  • 70% had improved health
  • 71% had better sleep
  • 67% had increased their energy levels
  • 58% of the participant lost weight
  • 57% attained better concentration
  • 54% attained better skin

The results of the study showed significant health changes in the participants. This only shows that a month without alcohol improves not only our sleep and weight but also our skin, concentration, energy levels and more. Dry January helps people realize that drinking alcohol is not needed to be able to socialize. They become more aware and in control of their drinking habits.

The important lesson of Dry January is to inform people that 31 days of abstaining from alcoholic beverages or liquor provide significant health benefits and realization. The good thing about Dry January is that it is not specifically for January only. It only shows that it is a great way to start the year healthy and continue it throughout the whole year. A simple but must-remember quote from Socrates, “The secret of change is to focus all your energy not on fighting the old but on building the new”. Build your new year with a good head start.

How long have you been drinking? How does drinking affect your health? Do you consider participating in Dry January?

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