These 7 daily habits will make you healthier!

We all try to be healthier in our daily routines, and we focus mainly on food and exercise, but these simple daily habits will help make you not only healthier but happier too.

1. Begin the day with a positive affirmation of yourself

The way you view yourself and feel about your life in the morning will set the standard for the rest of your day. So every morning, say something positive to yourself, such as:

“I’m happy with my life and I have plenty of opportunities to be successful.”

“I’m capable of doing great things and will live up to the expectations I set for myself.”

If you’re finding it difficult to come up with positive affirmations about yourself, write down 3–7 affirmations that target areas you’re not so confident in. Changing your internal thought processes is fundamental in changing your perspective on your life as a whole for the better.

2. Swap your coffee for tea

Coffee has much more caffeine than tea and can leave you feeling wired, which can ultimately affect the quality of your sleep. This can lead to an increase in stress levels. Try to cut back on a few cups and replace them with tea. You’re still consuming a warm beverage, but with the calmness and softness of tea. There are copious amounts of tea flavors out there, so you’ll have a great time trying out all the different types.

3. Take the time to enjoy your food

Many people tend to rush eating like eating on the go, and some even eat their meals while doing work. Taking time out of your day to choose your food carefully. Sitting down to eat it will work wonders. It will take you away from the stress of your work and will help prevent you from snacking in between your meals.

4. Make one of your meals healthier each day

Forget fad diets and strict healthy-eating rules. Instead, focus on making one meal healthier every day. Not sure which meal to focus on? Give your lunch a nutritious makeover. Pack a small serving of protein, a side of veggies, and one serving of fruit – for example, packing a chicken breast, some carrots, and an apple; or a can of tuna, a few cucumbers, and a banana would both be nutritious lunch options.

5. Take the stairs instead of the elevator

Not only does this have a positive impact on your health, but you’ll also feel psychologically better too! Even a slight increase in physical activity can release endorphins, which will make you feel good about yourself. Try walking up the stairs on the balls of your feet rather than planting your whole food down, and you’ll improve the muscle definition in your calves.

6. Get outside

Vitamin D can be obtained naturally from the sun and is essential for the body to maintain healthy bones. It also helps regulate your immune system, helps lower the risk of a heart attack, and helps to maintain healthy body weight. Science has also shown that a simple 20-minute walk can increase brain activity substantially, making you feel a lot better and happier, this could have a positive impact on your work and productivity.

7. Listen to calming music

We know how crowded the trains, tubes, and streets can be; everyone seems to be in a rush and stressed out. While you’re walking around or sitting on a train or bus, listen to some calming music—it will work wonders. It is extremely relaxing; I do it every day! If you drive, listen to some music when you’re stuck in traffic. It’ll help reduce that road rage and make traffic jams more manageable.

Incorporating simple daily habits in your life can make you healthier. It improves your productivity and helps to achieve financial independence and can foster your early retirement.

What are your daily habits to stay healthier?

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Photo by Bruno Nascimento on Unsplash

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