Realities of Volunteerism!

Volunteerism has many benefits for you and your community. The right event can help you reduce stress, find friends, connect with the community. It also benefits you to learn new skills, and even advance your career. Giving something to others improves your mental and physical health.

Volunteering offers essential help to people in need, worthwhile causes, and the community. But there are many benefits that exist to volunteers. Volunteering and helping others can reduce stress and provide a sense of purpose. While it’s true that the more you volunteer, the more benefits you’ll experience, volunteering doesn’t have to involve a long-term commitment or take a huge amount of time out of your busy day.

Here are the 3 benefits of  volunteerism:

1. Volunteerism connects you to others

One of the more well-known benefits of volunteering is the impact on the community. Volunteering allows you to connect to your community and make it a better place. Even helping out with the smallest tasks can make a real difference to the lives of people, animals, and organizations in need. And volunteering is a two-way street: It can benefit you and your family as much as the cause you choose to help. Dedicating your time as a volunteer helps you make new friends, expand your network, and boost your social skills.

  • Make new friends and contacts
  • Increase your social and relationship skills
  • Volunteering connects your family

2. Volunteerism is good for your mind and body

Volunteering helps counteract the effects of stress, anger, and anxiety. Nothing relieves stress better than a meaningful connection to another person. Working with pets and other animals have also been shown to improve mood and reduce stress and anxiety.

  • Volunteering combats depression
  • It makes you happy
  • It increases self-confidence
  • Volunteering provides a sense of purpose
  • It helps you stay physically healthy

3. Volunteerism betters your career

If you’re considering a new career, volunteering can help you get experience in your area of interest and meet people in the field. Even if you’re not planning on changing careers, volunteering gives you the opportunity to practice important skills used in the workplace, such as teamwork, communication, problem-solving, project planning, task management, and organization. You might feel more comfortable stretching your wings at work once you’ve honed these skills in a volunteer position first.

  • Teaching you valuable job skills
  • Volunteering can also help you build upon skills
  • Gaining a new career experience
  • Expose you to professional organizations or internships that could benefit your career.

When it comes to volunteering, passion and positivity are the only requirements. While learning new skills can be beneficial to many, it’s not a requirement for a fulfilling volunteer experience.

“You make a living by what you get. You make a life by what you give.”-Winston Churchill

Volunteering can improve your productivity and helps to achieve financial independence and can foster your early retirement.

Did you ever volunteer? What are your experiences as a volunteer?

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Photo by Perry Grone on Unsplash


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