The 4 types of people you need on your creative team!

While many creative people are shy and can work alone without feeling lonely or abandoned, we all need healthy interactions with other people and honest, authentic relationships. In fact, if you want to be successful in making your art both meaningful and commercially viable, you must be able to create a solid network of supporters, friends, and associates that can help you navigate through the twists and turns of your journey. It’s wonderful when you can maintain both a professional and personal relationship with those close to you. However, even if you can’t pay them, you need people in your corner who can provide the right kind of support.

People in your creative support circle should:

  • Believe in your dreams and support your goals
  • Be willing to listen even when your goals seem unattainable
  • Know the ‘real’ you when you’re not in your creative element
  • Provide encouragement and honest feedback when needed

1.The Encourager

An encourager is always looking for ways to make you feel special, important, valued and understood. This person may not be as creative as you, but they seem to understand your passion and the emotional toll it takes to put yourself out there. The Encourager finds ways to spur you on to reach your goals and to try the things you are scared to try.

You’ll probably hear the Encourager in your life become loudest when you are questioning your ability to make it as an artist. Because they value your spirit as much as they respect your talent, they hate to see you doubt yourself. They are creative cheerleaders.

2.The Analyst

The Analyst is the straight-shooter of your creative circle. This person loves what you do, but has a keen sense of reality and can seem almost like a critic more than a friend. The Analyst sees things the way they are, not the way you wish it was. If the Analyst in your creative circle is a fellow artist, they can be extremely helpful in giving you honest and direct feedback about your art. She might be the one who says your song needs a little more work. He might be the person who asks you honestly if you thought through a creative decision fully.

The truth from an Analyst can hurt since we creatives are often super sensitive about our work and take criticism pretty hard. The Analyst in your creative circle doesn’t have to be an expert in your field, but they do have to understand what you go through to create, and they must have your trust. Creatives have a lot of trouble accepting the hard facts when we put so much into our work, but in the end, we are grateful for those who don’t let us get away with less than our best.

3.The Negotiator

The Negotiator in your circle is the one who makes things happen. They always looking for the angle that benefits you and the connection that will make your career pop. They ask you if you have seen a certain opportunity, and always has your business cards in their pocket.

Many creatives struggle with the idea of promoting themselves, but the Negotiator will be the person who promotes you even when you don’t ask them to. They find joy in filling a role for you that they know you struggle with. While it can be a little unnerving to have a Negotiator in your circle who is always looking for the next big thing, their forward thinking mindset can assist you when you need someone to think of the big picture.

4.The Free-Spirit

The Free Spirit in your circle is in it for the fun. She is the one that reminds you to enjoy the creative process. Once again, your Free Spirit may not be a fellow creative, but they love the creative world, and they constantly remind you of the privilege it is to do what you do. More than anything, they embody the playful side of the artist.

While many creatives are Free Spirits themselves, it’s also very easy for us to get bogged down in the details and busyness of keeping our artistic businesses afloat. It’s those times that you need someone who reminds you of the joy of creating. You need someone who will push you to things just for the fun of it and will keep you from turning everything you create into a project or product.

“A creative man is motivated by the desire to achieve, not by the desire to beat others “-Ayn Rand

Creativity can improve your productivity and helps you to achieve financial independence and can foster your early retirement.

What type of creative person are you?

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Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

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