Volunteering: For the Community and for Yourself

When we hear the word volunteer, we always conclude that it is rendering your time and work without pay. We can say that it is also a way to help other people. But volunteering is more than just helping out.  It is not just the community who benefits from this but the volunteers as well.

The benefits of volunteering:

It creates bonds and connections

Volunteering creates connections between volunteers and the community. Helping the people and the community improves people’s relationship. It is also a great step in having a harmonious community. A simple help can make a big impact and difference to make the world a better place. It also improves the social and communication skills of every volunteer. It is also a great way to gain friends and contact.

It improves your mind and body’s health

Volunteering requires a great deal of effort and social contact. It will challenge the volunteer’s body in physical work. Not only that, but it also has mental benefits to offer.  You can benefit a lot from being a volunteer. The social contact and the act of helping other people helps in reducing stress and anxiety. Being around other people can also combat depression. A bigger network provides a larger support system that protects an individual against depression. Helping other people makes you happy and gives you a sense of purpose. It is also a great way to improve your confidence. And the physical work helps you maintain your body’s fitness.

It can help in future employment

Being a volunteer will introduce you to lots of job skills. It can be of great help and advantage when you’re already looking for a job. Aside from socializing and communicating, volunteering also allows you to learn various skills. These skills can be very beneficial in your future employment.

Volunteering does not only allow you to help other people, but it also helps you in many ways. It provides benefits that most of us didn’t notice. It can improve your personality and overall health. You can also gain skills that can be an advantage to your future employment. These benefits are just an extra to the genuine thought of community service. The help you offer and provide wholeheartedly is the real essence of being a volunteer.

Have you experienced being a volunteer? How does it help you as a person? How does it make you feel?

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