4 Best Apps for House Hunting

Living in the digital world has helped us in so many ways. It has improved our way of living. It provides ease with everything we do. Social media, in particular, has let us communicate with friends and family from different parts of the world. There are other digital platforms and numerous apps that are helpful to us. Lots of apps are available serving a different purpose. Even in house-hunting, there are apps that can help us. If you are looking for the best apps that can help you look for house listings, the following suggestions can be beneficial.

  1. Zillow, Redfin, and Trulia

These apps allow you to search through available local listings for you. You can sort by neighborhood, filter by price and search for properties that are near your desired and preferred amenities.

  1. Credit Karma

One important factor in buying a house or property is your credit score. It can determine the rates you’ll get or if you’re able to land a loan. Credit Karma is an app you can download for free. It gives you regular updates and tips in improving your credits. It also gives alerts every time there are big changes in your score.

  1. Zillow Mortgage

Zillow mortgage is a mortgage calculator app. It will show the total monthly expense for the home. This includes property taxes, interests, and other expenses. It will also state the amount of money you’ll need to afford the monthly payments. In addition, it helps you look and search for a lender for the mortgage. One of the main factors to consider in buying a home is your ability to pay, and this app can assist you with that.

  1. CO Everywhere

CO Everywhere is an app that lets you simplify the process of inspecting a home and its neighborhood. With just a few taps and swipe of your finger, this app will show you all the data about the neighborhood. This includes the amenities in the area such as places to eat, local events and recreational sites. It also includes real-time data gathered from social networks like Twitter and Instagram.

These apps will help you speed up some house-hunting processes and provides guides and tips too. Susan Gale once said, “house-hunting is easy, it’s the catching up part that’s difficult”. But with the help of some apps, house-hunting has never been this easier. Thanks to the digital improvement in the real-estate industry.

How do you speed-up your search for a house or property to purchase? What are your ways to simplify the process?

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