writing is the best way to find your deep creativity!

Writing is one of the best platforms for problem-solving. The process of putting pen to paper allows us to experience things mindfully.

If you are doing a project, it’s worth to write about it to understand your thinking process. You might normally go over the problem again and again in your mind, but writing your thoughts to see the language and asking suggestions from your colleagues is a far more useful method to untangle the mess in your mind. Writing begins with self-reflection

Benefits of writing:

1. Helps you take the right decision:

For example, you may write about a deal that might not go through and how it might affect your business. By writing this out, you’re on the path to creating clarity. You begin accepting the fears, doubts, or ideas that can be readily missed or ignored.

It is also a great road for dreaming. Where would you like to see your business grow? What are your personal goals in work or in life? etc.

2. Sharpens your thinking:

One of the intensive programs in Stanford university assigned multiple projects week after week and put students in a position to not only share an understanding of their topic but also to tell a story and teach it to someone.

After four weeks, students had the following benefits:

Writing sharpens thinking. For many students, the writing was like putting on a new pair of glasses. It helped them see details they otherwise would have missed. Because writing is a lot like meditation, the students tuned into themselves and thought more deeply about the issues, philosophies, and practices of their businesses.

3. Writing nurtures your creativity:

Writing generates ideas. We think of novel ways to improve our situations. As Todd Henry said in Manage Your Day-to-Day, “When you give yourself frequent permission to explore the ‘adjacent possible’ with no restrictions on where it leads, you increase the likelihood of a creative breakthrough in all areas of your life and work.” We can explore these possibilities by tuning into ourselves, paying attention to the world, and sharing what we see.

4.Improves your consistency in work:

Building the Habit of Writing whether you choose to write in the mornings, during lunch, or before bed, find a pocket of time in your schedule to which you can commit. A habit takes shape by doing something regularly at a specific time.

Aside from the self-serving benefits, it’s a fundamental skill set that will enrich your life personally and professionally. Moreover, our modern communication relies on notes, emails, copy, essays and there is no diminishing value for it anytime soon.

Mark Matousek is “a bestselling author, teacher, and speaker whose work focuses on personal awakening and creative excellence through self-inquiry and life writing.” He offers a number of suggestions to make writing a powerful exploration for both author and readers. “Until you penetrate your own shadow, and explore the gifts  as well as the shame that you hide there, you cannot truly know yourself or access your deep creativity.”

He talks about using writing to strengthen “witness consciousness” – “By observing your own thoughts and feelings, you increase mindfulness.

“Writing is a path of profound self-awareness.” Mark Matousek

Writing can improve your productivity and helps you to achieve financial independence and foster your early retirement

What are your ways to improve creative writing?

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