What makes a bicycling friendly community?

Bicycling is more than a reasonable, cost-effective solution to many community challenges. It’s thus an opportunity to make your community a lively destination for residents and visitors. Like a place where people don’t just live and work but succeed.

In the same way, Bicycle Friendly Communities top the lists of best places to live, work and visit. Also, Bicycle commuting is up 62% in the United States since 2000. Moreover, it is grown by 105% in BFCs ( bicycle friendly communities). Besides, the people in these communities are making investments in better infrastructure, education, and encouragement.

Hence, Smart leaders across the country are meeting the demand by adding more dedicated bike facilities. By connecting bike networks that are comfortable and convenient for all ages and abilities. Thus creating more opportunities for people to learn bicycling skills, improving laws, and policies to improve safety. Also creating a real and general bike culture, through events like Open Streets and Bike to Work Week.

Here are 4 things you can do to get started,  to transform your community as bicycle friendly:

1.Ride your bicycle:

Ride your bicycle to work once a week. It will make you happy and give you a new way to connect with people in your community. Look for events, bicycling classes, bicycling clubs to ride with many people. Assess the current barriers keeping people away from bicycling more regularly in your community. Learn about what things can be done to build a Bicycle Friendly Community.

2.Introduce a business:

Think about what it would take to make your community government a model Bicycle Friendly Business. Introduce your chamber of commerce and business associations to the Bicycle Friendly Business program as a new way to engage with local businesses.

3. Design standards that encourage everyone:

Adopt a Complete Streets policy and design standards that create a connected, inclusive all-ages and abilities bicycling network. Reach the general public with the vision of a Bicycle Friendly Community and offer regular opportunities for children and adults to gain bicycling skills and traffic safety education.

4. Give support:

Support a bicycling culture throughout the year by supporting more family-friendly community and charity rides, bike valet parking at community events,  or Open Streets events, and other bicycle-themed festivals.  Set an ambitious ridership and safety target for your community, develop an actionable plan, and support dedicated funding for implementation.

“A bicycle ride around the world begins with a single pedal stroke”- Scott Stoll, a Community Professor who traveled around the world on his bicycle

Bicycling can helps in conservation of energy and can improve your productivity and helps to achieve financial independence and can foster your early retirement.

what else can make a community bike-friendly?

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Photo by Robert Bye on Unsplash

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