4 Yoga Poses to Try for a Healthy Heart

Busy schedules tend to make us forget to have time for ourselves. We forget to give ourselves a break from all the stress. We also forget to relax. That is why yoga is recommended for everyone. Yoga and meditation help relieve anxiety, stress, and depression. Yoga also strengthens the heart.

If you’re one of those people who hardly have time to go to the gym for exercise and relaxation, you should try yoga. Yoga is a great form of routine that relaxes your body and mind. It is also great for our heart health just like other cardio workouts.

Here are four yoga poses and instruction on how to do it. You should try this for you to have a healthy heart.

Anjali Mudra

This yoga pose is quite similar to “Namaste”. Sit on the floor with your legs crossed. Put your palms together. Stretch out your fingers to the center of your chest (known as the heart chakra). This pose is a representation of the harmony between the two sides (left and right). Close your eyes and slowly breathe in, hold your breath for a minute or two, then breathe out. Then repeat the pattern for a few minutes.

Veerabhadrasana or The Warrior Pose

In this yoga, you need to go into the mountain pose. Next, stretch your right leg back and the left leg into a lunge like position. Make sure your knees are positioned at 90 degrees, Stretch your hands right above your head. You can proceed to the warrior pose 2 or veerabhadrasana II. If you want to proceed further, wherein you need to put your hands in front of your chest then strengthen the stretched leg. Point it outwards while your left leg remains at 90 degrees. Both of your arms should be stretched out wide apart. Inhale deeply then exhale.


This is a very simple yoga. That is why most people say “the best asana is the Savasana”. You have to lie down on your back, eyes closed. Your arms at your sides with palms facing up. Legs are stretched out and ankles falling outward. Slowly breathe in and breathe out as you feel yourself melt deeper into the floor with each breath. Stay and continue this pose not shorter than five minutes.

Bhujangasana or Cobra Pose

This yoga works on your shoulder, abdomen, and spine. It helps in relieving fatigue and stress. TO perform the bhujangasana, first, you have to lie down on your stomach and hands next to your chest. Slowly push yourself upward. Put your concentration on your breathing. Then feel the stretch in your abdomen and spine down to your buttocks.

Yoga is known to improve our body’s flexibility, relieve stress, strengthen muscles, rejuvenate the body and boost the stamina. Yoga is performed with a particular posture partnered with controlled breathing. Because of the breathing exercise and a particular pose that improves blood circulation, yoga is good for the heart too. The most recommended yoga for our heart health is stated above.  Try these yoga poses for a healthier heart.

How do you assure your hearts health? How can you make sure that your heart is still at its best shape?

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