Why Zero means “An Infinite Possibility”

According to Sadhguru, the spiritual process will be achieved by becoming zero or infinite. And according to him, whatever path you choose you will always end up with the same thing. Because for him, zero and infinite is the same thing.

Zero means nothingness, and nothingness is infinite. Zero is an extraordinary number. If you think about it, it can mean nothing and it can also be an infinite number. It is in the way we place it in the set of numbers. When you place zero before any number, it has no value, nothing. But if you place the zero after any number, that makes a great difference. It becomes infinite. That is how exactly life works. You start at zero means you have nothing. That is the very beginning. That is the very start. Zero is the beginning that is a silent state. The presence of other numbers resulted in zero being obsolete, being lost.

Zero is very important because it is infinite. It is not an ordinary thing. With the help of yoga, we can make ourselves into a zero. To be zero means to empty. Empty our minds out of any worry, stress, problems, things that bother us. We can do that by performing yoga.

To be zero we need to empty our vessel. That vessel is our mind and soul. That is the total contradiction of the nature of our minds. Our minds work to accumulate, to gather details, information, feelings, knowledge, and wisdom. When there is a need to accumulate more that means there is something missing and lacking. You will only feel incomplete because you were identified as something with limited possibilities.

That is why we need to empty our vessel to leave no room for insufficiency, for limited possibilities. We need to clear our minds. And in order to do that, we need self-awareness and Sadhana. Sadhana is a practice into one’s life that cleanses our vessel. Awareness, on the other hand, empties our vessel. These two aspects are needed for you to achieve your goal which is to completely empty the vessel. Clear your mind. Free your soul.

If you empty your vessel, you make room for the Grace to descend to you. Without it, limitless possibilities will become impossible. You need Grace for infinite possibilities. You will not get anywhere if you don’t experience Grace. And you can only experience it by emptying your vessel. Make room for it. Make it zero.

If you empty your vessel and allow Grace to descend to you, you also make the journey to the Ultimate Nature shorter. Grace is here to be experienced and realized. It makes the infinite possibilities become a living reality.

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