Aromatherapy for a better mood!

Aromatherapy can change the mood and elevates happiness in us. Like the smell of freshly grated nutmeg, favorite soup, and an ocean breeze. We all have memories of fragrant stored in our brains. Just the fragrant of a special scent can evoke a happy, magical moment.

Research shows it can lower our stress levels, improve mental and physical performance. It also, ease pain, end insomnia, and even help us lose weight.

Recently, researchers discovered how a particular fragrance can change your mood. In a study from Ohio research scholars, they made research on two fragrances lavender and lemon. Scientists found that that lemon oil reliably enhances positive mood. In fact, blood levels of an energizing hormone, norepinephrine also increased. while the lavender sniffers got no boost.

1. Lose weight:

In one study overweight people lost their weight to 30% over 6 months. It is just by sprinkling intensely scented flavored crystals on their food. “We’re not sure of the precise mechanism,” says Alan Hirsch, MD, founder of the Smell & Taste Treatment and Research Foundation in Chicago, which conducted the study. “But clearly, satisfying your odor and taste receptors can play a key role in weight loss.”

2. Resist a snack attack:

A favorite fragrance can help manage cravings. Also, In one study, Hirsch gave overweight people banana, green apple, and peppermint to sniff when they felt a craving; they lost more weight than nonsniffers.

3. Calm down:

The smells of oranges and lavender make people less anxious, more positive, and calmer. When compared with others who were exposed to no fragrance at all. It shows that aromatherapy not only can give a calm and soothing effect but also relaxes your mind and increase concentration.

4. Manage pain

Looking for ways to use less pain medication, doctors at New York University Medical Center recently exposed patients with lavender oil masks who are undergoing laparoscopic gastric bypass surgery. Those patients not only required substantially less morphine but also needed fewer analgesics after the operation. Similarly, Peppermint helps, too. After a review of several studies, a Wheeling Jesuit University researcher has discovered that it can ease headache pain, and German headache researchers report that the brisk smell is as effective as acetaminophen.

Aromatherapy can improve your mood and can improve your productivity and helps to achieve financial independence and can foster your early retirement.

Do you follow aromatherapy?

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Photo by Richárd Ecsedi on Unsplash

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