Recycle the right way for a better green living!

Many people nowadays are becoming aware of the essential need for recycling. There are a growing number of households who are separating their trash. Also trying to do the right thing for their environment. But there is also a lot of confusion about recycling things.

If you regularly separate plastic from paper. Then check  whether you’re doing it in the right way by the following tips:

1. Don’t use plastic bags as a container for recyclables:

There is also a technology for recycling plastic bags. But its process is different from that of recycling paper. If plastic bags, made of type 2 and type 4  plastic, mixed with the rest of recyclables they can cause serious damage. For instance, they can wrap around the smaller parts of the recycling machine and cause a jam. They also contaminate paper bundles.

If you want to get rid of the plastic bags, check for the local stores that collect them or companies that collect them directly from households.

2. Plastic bottle caps can be recycled:

In the past, plastic caps used to be a problem for recycling facilities. Cause they melt at a different temperature than plastic bottles. So they would need a separate recycling machine and process. They are a danger to workers, as they can shoot off while being compressed.

However, technology today is more developed in places like All Green Recycling. So there are separate facilities for them today. Sometimes it is even advisable not to leave caps on the bottles because they can slip through the holes of the machine and end up on the landfill instead of being recycled.

3. Shredded paper is not always acceptable

Paper is divided into high grade and mixed grade paper. Tearing paper reduces its grade to the mixed one, which is not acceptable for some recycling companies. There are some companies willing to collect paper with longer shreds only, but some don’t accept it at all. So, don’t tear your paper if you don’t really have to.

4. Food containers are usually not recyclable

Pizza boxes or smoothie bottles are not of any use for the recycling companies. Because they soak up the grease from the food, which is almost impossible to remove. So, no use in throwing them into the paper recycling bin. However, you can dump them in the compost bin.

5. Juice boxes and milk cartons – hard to recycle

The issue with juice boxes and milk cartons is that they are the mix of plastic and a thin layer of aluminum foil lining. These materials are easily recyclable separately, but some companies don’t have the technology for separating them, so they won’t accept them. If you want to separate them then you can always consult rubbish collection professionals who can provide you with useful transport information or advice on how to separate different materials.

Don’t recycle this trash:

  • Electronics – old TVs and outdated mobile phones can be transported to recycling electronic companies or to charitable organizations that find people in need who would benefit from them.
  • Wine corks – if you’re patient enough, you can get creative and make yourself a bulletin board out of wine corks or some other DIY project.
  • Eyeglasses – a lot of people in developing countries need eyeglasses for their poor sight, but no money to buy them. Charitable organizations such as Lions Club International collect used eyeglasses and deliver them all around the world according to the right prescription.
  • Old T-shirts – T-shirts are usually made of fabric that’s great for dusting your furniture for cleaning the floor. If you feel creative, check out ways to reuse old T-shirts.

“The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it”– Robert Swan, Author

Recycling in the right way can improve your productivity and helps to achieve financial independence and can foster your early retirement.

What are your ways to recycle?

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Photo by Noah Buscher on Unsplash

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