Do You Have Unresolved Emotional Experiences?

Every day in our life, we gain a lot of experiences. There will be good and bad experiences. Whether it is good or bad, there will always be certain emotions attached to it. And more often, we want to forget the bad ones, but unfortunately, we cannot.

Experiences are there to teach us. It molds us to become a better version of ourselves. It strengthens our whole being. But there will always be experiences we opt to forget. There will be times that we want to delete it in our system. Because there are certain feelings attached to these experiences we don’t want to feel. But you cannot erase experience. Because experience is just the same as energy, it can neither be created nor destroyed.

But there is a way to remove these feelings in these experiences. It is very easy. All you need is a pen and a paper. Using the pen and the blank paper, write down the experiences from which you want to remove the emotions. You can also write down the problems and worry you want to eliminate. By doing this, all the emotions from your subconscious mind will be transferred to your conscious mind. And the energy from the emotion will flow from your hand into the paper. The paper will have all that negative emotions from you, and you can destroy that piece of paper into the fire.

How to Express Your Feelings

Not all the time, negative emotions are what we want to express freely. Remember when we ’re younger, when we use writing to express our emotions because we’re so shy to say it? We make cards to our parents and friends to express our love and appreciation. What makes this simple piece of paper or cards valuable? It contains emotions. The emotion we feel is now transferred into the paper and will be felt by the person on the receiving end.

This simple way of transferring your feelings into a piece of paper can help us have inner peace. It helps us eliminate certain emotions that make us anxious and weary and It also helps us express everything we want to express. It lightens our feeling and It frees all the negative energy that troubles us. Whenever you’re feeling lonely, problematic and sad, write it on a piece of paper. Let it out of your system. In that way, you’ll be able to have inner peace and joy again.

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