Meditation – for Mind

Our mind is the most potent part of our body. It is the governing element of the human body. The brain allows us to know that we exist and enables us to be aware of the world. It will enable us to think and feel. It is the part of the human body that is responsible for the decision-making, consciousness, and thought.

We disregard our mind’s health, and we may not notice this very often. We think that a good night’s sleep will be enough to ease stress and anxiety. Sad to say, rest is not enough. That is why meditation exists. It is the best way to clear and calm our minds. Our mind’s health should always be a top priority because it is the ruling element of the whole body.

There are many types of meditation, and the most popular is the pyramid meditation. When we say pyramid, we think of the great pyramid of Egypt. These structures are built to incline towards Earth’s magnetic energy field making them the perfect storehouses of energy. It serves as the receiver and transmitter of cosmos energy. Pyramid meditation is done when you meditate under such a structure. You’ll be surprised that it will give the best results.

Benefits of Pyramid Meditation:

1. It improves eyesight
2. It improves hearing
3. It treats insomnia
4. It lowers blood pressure
5. It enhances cognitive abilities
6. It heals sores and broken bones
7. It sharpens memory and increases the confidence level

To achieve those benefits, you need to perform the Pyramid Meditation properly. The first step is to find a pyramid. You can look for pyramid centers in your area, or you can build your own using wood or marble. The pyramid should be at least three times bigger than you. Keep your gadgets away. It can spoil the whole purpose of meditation by rifting away energy vibrations. You can only use devices that can play music while meditating. Wear loose and light clothing that will make you feel comfortable. Also, observe the place, make sure it is also clean and odorless for best results. When everything is in place, and you’re ready, you can now start the mediation. Sit comfortable and make sure your mind is composed and be assured of feeling positive vibrations.

Meditation improves your well-being. IT promotes positive energy and will radiate through your life. A positive life is a joyful life. Meditate regularly to relax your mind. You’ll be surprised that meditation does not only work for our mind’s health. It will also provide benefits for the whole body.

What steps do you take to care of your mind?

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