Pranayama – for Lungs

We breathe for approximately 16 times per minute. And just like our heart, our lungs work 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. When it stops working that means our breathing will stop too. And you know what will happen if it stopped right?

More often, we don’t know that taking care of our lungs is needed. Good thing there are exercises that are good for the lungs. One of it is the Pranayama. It’s a combination of two Sanskrit words, “Prana” and “Ayama”. Prana means breath and Ayama means control. From that, you can easily conclude that it is a way to control breathing by regular practicing. Pranayama plays an important role in our health. It has several benefits that we need to know in order to have a healthy and happy life.

Benefits of Pranayama

  1. Improves the circulation of the blood throughout the body.
  2. Prevents the existence of heart problems
  3. Improves focus and concentration
  4. Releases and relieves stress, hypertension, and depression.
  5. Cures several health problems such as neurological problems, migraine, headache, gastric problems, and depression
  6. Releases anxiety
  7. Also improves the function of the reproductive organs.

These various benefits will be achieved if you properly performed the Pranayama. It is best performed in the morning and with the guidance of an expert. You also need to remember this very important reminder. Only those who were 10 years old and older can perform the Pranayama. Old and weak people can still perform it but not too often.

There are also tips on how to perfect this breathing exercise. You should perform in an empty stomach. That means you should not eat before the breathing exercise. You should also find a clean place with fresh air. Have a positive thinking while performing the Pranayama to develop positive energy. Do this practice regularly to achieve the best results.

Pranayama is a great breathing exercise that is good for the lungs and for the whole body too. It is considered as the key to a healthy body and a healthy body is a key to a joyful life. Every one of us needs to take care of our lungs and overall health. A healthy life will bring joy to us in the long run. Practice Pranayama on a regular basis. Aside from the benefits provided above, performing Pranayama increases the positive energy in our body and removes toxins.  Practicing regularly will make you feel energetic throughout the day. Positive energy provides a positive life. And a positive life brings joy and happiness so take good care of your health.

What steps have you taken to improve your health in general?

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Photo by Erwan Hesry on Unsplash

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