Yoga-asanas – for Body

Good food is not enough for a healthy body. We need exercises and activities to keep our muscles, bones, and organs well and healthy. Healthy diet plus regular exercise are the things we need to have a fit, healthy and happy life.

Aside from the joint exercises that we are familiar with, there are also exercises that are meditative. This exercise is called ‘yoga’. Yoga is an exercise that teaches a person to experience inner peace by controlling both the body and mind. It is perfect for the body and mind. The difference in yoga from the rest of all the other exercises is its feel-good routine that puts spirit over matter.

One of the most popular yoga routines is the ‘yoga-asanas’. Asana is a Sanskrit word that means ‘posture’ or ‘pose’. It can also be translated as ‘steady and comfortable seat’. This routine can help increase your strength, flexibility, core strength, and improves your balance. It also brings a sense of mindfulness in our everyday life.

Benefits of Yoga

1. lets you stay fit and makes you lose weight
2. builds your immunity
3. helps you fight stress and anxiety
4. purifies the body by its deep breath exercises
5. produces happy hormones for a more positive life
6. provides clarity in your disposition
7. enhances focus and concentration

Yoga’s primary focus is your inner core. Performing yoga on a regular basis lets you have a positive mindset and positive energy. That radiates to your personality and environment. It promotes joy in your life. A healthy mind and body should not just be a choice. It should be part of our lives. Being healthy is not an option. It should be a way of life. Physical and mental health should be our priority.

Being healthy brings joy to us. It does not only give us confidence because of our fit body, but it also immune us from any disease and sickness. It prolongs our life and provides a positive outlook in life. A great way to start your day is to perform some yoga asanas routine. This routine will not only improve your posture and body shape. This simple action can create a significant impact on your health and in your life.

How do you keep your body and mind healthy?

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