Why Would You Want to Move to Denver?

Denver ranks as the third most liveable cities in the United States and for a lot of good reasons. The quality of life, affordability, and the low unemployment rate, among others, make this vibrant city a much-desired place to move to.

Still having second thoughts about buying a real estate property in the Mile High City? Maybe these reasons can convince you more.

About 300 Sunny Days

You have got to experience how wonderful the weather is here in Denver. They say that Denver gets 300 days of sunshine every year. Well, maybe not if you will be too technical about it. One thing is for sure, the sun almost always peeks out a little, cloudy or not.

We do get several inches of snow each year. They don’t stay around that long though. It also gets very warm during Summer but it’s not humid that it will limit your enjoyment of our blue skies and warm sunshine.

Diversified Job Market

There are lots of job opportunities here to match your talent, skills, and qualifications. No wonder, we have one of the lowest unemployment rates in the country. Chances are you will be able to find your dream job here.

  • Energy – The energy sector is one of the big industries in this city with its large concentration of coal, oil, and natural gas. It has also attracted many clean technology companies employing thousands of professionals.
  • Health Care – The healthcare sector is also one of its major industries employing more than 200 thousand aides, nurses, doctors, and surgeons.
  • Technology – Touted as the next tech mecca, Denver is enjoying 32% employment growth in software and IT over the past five years.
  • Media –  Metro Denver ranks fifth out of 50 metro areas for broadcasting and telecoms employment concentration in 2016. The broadcast and telecommunications industry include landline and wireless communications, radio and television, and cable and internet services.

Affordable Housing

While Denver has been seeing a decline in housing affordability, it is still comparatively cheaper compared to San Francisco and other major cities in the US. For example, the median 2-bedroom apartment rent cost is at $1,475 in Denver compared to $3,519 in San Francisco. On the other hand, the median 3-bedroom home price is $407,400 in Denver and $1,001,100 in San Francisco.

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Manageable Traffic

As the Mile High City continues to grow, expect to experience worsening traffic congestion. Denver, in fact, ranks as 20th worst in traffic congestion. The good news is that the current traffic situation is not as bad compared to other cities like Chicago, L.A., NYC, or even Austin.

Quick-Melting Snow

Since our city loves basking in the sunshine, our snow melts quickly. However, it has its own peculiar qualities as well. Snow in Denver is considered dry. On the other hand, the snow in other parts of the US which are denser and wetter, snow in this area is drier in that they fall at high elevations where the air temperature is below freezing point.

Such conditions prevent the snow crystals from partial melting and combining which makes our snow thick but not so dense. It is a truly special kind of snow. The downside though? Aside from snarling traffic, it is harder to create snowman and snowballs because it doesn’t clump together as easily as wet snow does.

Outdoor Activities:

Outdoor activities are just some of the reasons why Denver is one of the ideal places to live in. Here are some of the fun outdoor activities you can enjoy here?

  • Mountains – From Denver, experience the grandeur of the five of Colorado’s most popular mountains Pikes Peak, Rocky Mountain National Park’s Longs Peak, Mount Evans, the Maroon Bells, and Mount Sneffels.
  • Hiking – Hiking is a definite must-do here. You will have a grand time exploring trails such as Grays and Torreys, Mount Galbraith Park, Devil’s Head Fire Lookout, and Castlewood Canyon State Park.
  • Rafting – Whitewater rafting is one of the most fun things to do during summertime in Colorado. Once you have settled in Denver, you need to check out white water rafting locations near Denver.
  • Horseback riding – Riding horseback is another fun-filled outdoor activity you can enjoy while admiring the beautiful Rocky Mountains.
  • Jogging trails – Since we enjoy the kind of weather perfect for working up a sweat, The Mile High City is also a perfect place for running enthusiasts with great running trails like Cherry Creek Trail, South Platte River Trail, and City Park.

Great Colleges

The Denver area boasts some of the best colleges in the land. You are assured that you can still give the best education to your child should you ever decide to move to Denver.

Here are the top five colleges and their popular majors:

  • University of Colorado – Denver: Business Administration and Management, Nursing, and Biology
  • Colorado School of Mines:  Mechanical Engineering, Petroleum Engineering, and Chemical Engineering
  • University of Denver:  Finance, Psychology, and International Relations and National Security Studies
  • Regis University: Nursing, Business Administration and Management, and Liberal Arts and Humanities.
  • University of Colorado – Boulder: Business Administration and Management, Psychology, and Communications.

Top 25 High Schools

Here’s the list of Top 25 public high schools from Denver Biz Journals

Startups? Yes!

Denver made it to Forbes Best 10 rising cities for startups


The Mile High City has the quality of living that other metropolitan cities can offer. Even though the cost of living can be high in Denver, yet still fairly low compared to other cities, it also ranks 32nd for salaries among 265 cities. The city has become the fastest-growing cities in the US and is already teeming with great shopping, dining, and cultural destinations making it one of the most desirable places to live in.

Accessible Downtown

It also has a walkable downtown that offers everything urban adventurers are looking for. Explore and enjoy the best art galleries, museums, live music, water park, farm-to-table dining destinations, and craft breweries.


Denver’s music and nightlife scene are bursting with life. This place never runs out of local and international artists performing in clubs throughout the city.  You’ll find not a few great venues to find live music and party scenes like Red Rocks, Meadowlark, the Pepsi Center, and The Filmore.

Your dream home could be waiting right here, a place is so desirable with its booming economy, magnificent views, and perfect weather. You will find it such a joy living here.

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Have you ever visited Denver? What is your most memorable experience in the Mile High City?

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