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My husband Dan and I had always dreamed of owning a home in Denver. We, including our five-year-old Robbie, love the outdoors and my in-laws happen to live in Denver as well. So, moving to Denver made perfect sense to us.

Based on our experience, finding your dream home is not easy. Buying a home is going to be an uphill battle for anyone, especially in the Denver real estate industry. The demand continues to rise and the inventory is sinking to record lows.

So, for your sanity’s sake (yes, I almost lost mine), please find an experienced real estate professional (you can harmoniously work with, of course) to guide you through the entire process.

Your home buying journey starts with getting pre-approved and finding yourself a lender. After that, comes the most exciting part, searching for that perfect home. You need to define your search criteria to help you narrow down your choice.

To make the process easier to figure out, let us break it down into four categories; location, lot, layout, and looks.

Location, location, location

More than likely, you and your family will be living in your dream home for a very long time. So, it really makes sense to put location as your top criteria when searching for your perfect home.

In our case, a great location included factors like proximity to schools and work, relatives and friends, parks, commercial establishments, hospital, and fire station. This way, we got to measure how convenient the location of the property is to us.

What’s living in the neighborhood like? Check out the neighborhood and try to meet as many local residents as you can. How is the parking situation and road access? Checking out the neighborhood for us meant visiting the place more than once and at different times. It allowed use to feel its community vibe and see if it lives up to our idea of a liveable place.

How is the crime rate in the neighborhood? You may want to check online and see the crime statistics in the area. The number of reported petty crimes will give you an idea of how safe that neighborhood is. However, it is also a good indicator of how vigilant the residents are against the proliferation of crime in the community.

Consider the Lot

Checking online is a good place to start. Take advantage of the available technology and view the satellite images of the property. Which way does the house face? Satellite images give you a bird’s eye view of the adjacent lots, properties, and structures that you may not see just by driving through the neighborhood.

When you do a property visit, check it with a critical eye. Is the property built on a sloping plot or flat? Is the property sitting on a busy road?

Did we mention that we love the outdoors and nature? A nice view of the mountains, nearby park and lots of open space definitely tick all the right boxes for me.

Check the Layout

Consider how many bedrooms, baths, and other amenities your family will be needing. If you have kids or infants in the house, remember to consider safety and convenience as well.

How are the bedrooms situated from each other? The master bedroom and nursery should be located on the same floor, ideally, just a few footsteps away from each other. I used to live in an apartment with rooms on separate floors, master was upstairs and nursery on the first floor. I sure did lose my baby-weight fast running up and down all night.

If you prefer a bit more privacy, however, bedrooms on separate floors are a perfect fit.

Since I have an active kid, I made sure that the floor plan allowed me to monitor him while he’s playing in the family room while I’m busy preparing dinner. Just as important, the view of the backyard from the inside should give me the confidence to work or cook dinner while he plays outside.

How is the home heated? Do the installations pose hazard or danger especially on the children?

The last thing you’ll need is rushing your child to the ER due to some nasty burns.

Does “she” got the looks?

How is the curb appeal of the house? Does the current look of the house make you want to be its proud owner?

I made sure that we buy the house that we really like and would look forward to coming home to every day. Well, looking great from afar is one thing but how good it looks up close is another thing.

Walk around and check the exterior of the house. Are there visible cracks on the walls or windows? How is the condition of the roof? Does the yard have a nice landscaping?

Stepping into the house, does it feel warm and cozy? Is the house well maintained? Check for any signs that would have you question the structural integrity of the house.

With each house tour, I always check the basement, making sure that it’s nice and dry. If there is presence moisture or its dry but feels damp, then you need to investigate further to determine where the problem is coming from.

Final Thoughts

Buying a home requires due diligence. Your home is your investment. The joy, comfort, and peace of mind it brings to the family is priceless. So, as a home buyer, you need to make sure that you did your homework and researched well before moving on to the next phase.

Note: The family mentioned in this post is fictitious and are only meant to make the topic more relatable.

Still got a question or need help with the legwork? Raj is more than happy to help you with your home buying concerns. Don’t hesitate to drop him a line today.

Before you click away, let me ask you ask you a question.

Among these common deal-breakers: mold, shoddy roof, high crime stats, and flooding, which one would definitely make you want to walk away?

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