7 Benefits of eating soup, no matter the season is!

A bowl of soup is what our grandmothers and mom give us when we were sick. Many cultures eat soup every day regardless of the season. With so many benefits, it’s easy to understand why they choose to eat year round. It is an important dish for every meal. Just like salad, having a bowl of soup have a lot of health benefits as you get to eat more veggies packed with nutrients.

Here are the proven benefits of making soups as a part of your daily routine

1.Easy to digest –

Many Digestive problems like Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), ulcers make some foods hard on the system. As soup’s contents are cooked in the liquid they are softer and easier to digest. Large chunks of veggies can also be blended, then added back to the soup for a thicker, yet creamy texture that is even easier for the system.

2.Cook in bulk –

Not only are it is a great way to feed many people at once, but you can also make a big batch to freeze and easily reheat later.

3.Affordable –

Because anything can go in soup, you can use what you already have. Soup is a great way to use up vegetable odds and ends leftover from other recipes. The high water content of soup also keeps the cost down.

4.Satisfying –

Soups are just cozy. They make you feel warm if you are sick or even if you’re not. You can make a soup filling by adding beans, grains, or starchy vegetables, or keep it light with more broth and non-starchy vegetables.

5. Slimming –

Because these foods are nutrient dense, they make you feel full while still being low in calories. Consuming a light soup before a meal may not only ensure you are getting the nutrients your body needs, but may also help curb your appetite so you don’t overeat.

6. Picky eaters will get their nutrients –

Vegetables can be squeezed into soups in a non-intrusive way, getting the pickiest of eaters to consume them. Vitamins and minerals from the vegetables soak into the water or broth they are cooked in. By consuming this liquid instead of discarding it, one will get the full measure of nutrients from the vegetables.

7.Easy to prepare –

It’s pretty simple to cook soup. There are so many ways to make it, you just can’t go wrong. The more you experiment, the better your soups will taste. Once everything is in your pot or slow cooker, you just leave it to simmer.

“A subsequent small study conducted by researchers from Nebraska Medical Center, published in a leading medical journal in 2000 found that “ soup contains a number of substances with beneficial medicinal activity” The researchers observed that people eating it seemed to experience a mild reduction in inflammation that helped reduce symptoms of respiratory infection. However, this study used a large proportion of vegetables.”

“Soup puts the heart at ease, calms down the violence of hunger, eliminates the tension of the day, and awakens and refines the appetite.” — Auguste Escoffier

Thus soups are a great source of nutrition and can help foster your productivity and helps to achieve financial independence and early retirement.

Did you eat soups regardless of season? What is your favorite soup of the season?

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Photo by Henrique Félix on Unsplash

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