Tips to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

During the holidays, lots of foods are present in the table. There are lots of sweets and high-carb foods that are served during this season. This is why; weight gain is one of the major problems that most people face after the holidays.

Extra fat and weight gained during these times surely make us stressful. You’ll worry because facing the New Year ahead with that extra weight is a major no! That is, here are some tips to avoid gaining fats and weight during the holidays.

Don’t let stress get the best of you

Holidays sure are stressful. Starting from decorating your home, preparing the gifts, planning for trips and preparing the foods will exhaust you. And most of the time, people resort to stress-eating that results in gaining so much weight. The best thing to do is to don’t let stress push you to eat more than the necessary.

Avoid your Trigger Foods

There are certain foods that we can’t help but eat like pizzas, cookies, chocolate stuffed foods and many more. To prevent you from overeating, it is best to avoid these trigger foods during the holidays.  They will most likely ruin your diet.

Plan the foods to be served

If you’re into healthy eating even on the holidays, then it is best to plan to foods you’re going to serve during this season. You can look for healthy recipes that will replace the fatty and high-calorie content foods that we usually serve in the holidays.

Do Yoga

Yoga is a perfect exercise during the holidays. It does not only combat the fats you acquired, but it will also help you release the stress. Yoga helps you burn the excess fats you gained and helps you relieve the stress too. As we all know, holiday preparations can be stressful, so yoga is a great exercise to combat it. Doing yoga is like hitting two birds with one stone.

Limit your alcohol intake

Alcoholic beverages contain carbs too. So it is best to limit your intake into 1 to 2 drinks a night. Although it is the time for celebrations and fun, don’t overindulge yourself. Take note that too much of everything is harmful, most especially if its liquor.

Holidays are fun, joyful and stressful at the same time. Sometimes, because of fun and stress, we forget that we consume so much food and regret it later. Be mindful of the foods you consume and the beverages too. If you don’t want to gain weight during the holidays, make a move to achieve it.

How do you make sure that you’re not gaining weight during the holidays? How will you be able to enjoy the holidays considering you’re weight and fitness?

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