Benefits and Risk of Raw Vegan Diet

Every one of us has a different nutritional diet based on our own preference and/or prescription. One of the famous types of diet is the raw vegan diet. This type of diet has long been causing a perennial buzz. Many people who want to try this diet have been wondering of its effect. That is why; this article will tackle the benefits and risk of the raw vegan diet.


  • Eating raw foods especially vegetables can result in weight loss.
  • It immunes the body to fight diseases, especially chronic disease.
  • Eating raw foods ensure better supplement of vitamins B and C which is often destroyed or reduced while cooking.
  • Raw foods contain enzymes. These enzymes are vital for food digestion without depending on our own digestive enzymes. Cooking or heating raw foods usually reduce or destroy the natural enzymes found in living and raw foods.
  • Raw foods provide an abundant amount of fiber. It helps you feel fuller longer.
  • Raw foods are easier to digest compared to cooked foods. These means raw foods increase the rate of metabolism of an individual in practicing this diet.
  • A person who practices a raw vegan diet will have more energy and clearer skin.
  • Raw vegan dieters are less likely to develop heart and cardiovascular diseases.


  • Some foods are toxic when raw. That is why it is recommended to check whether the food is fine to eat when raw.
  • Some foods such as eggs, buckwheat, cassava/ cassava flour, kidney beans, alfalfa sprouts, pea seeds, apricot kernels, parsnips, and milk contain harmful chemicals when eaten raw.
  • Raw meats can often times contain parasites and bacteria.
  • Some foods and vegetables are more healthy and beneficial when cooked such as cooked tomatoes. Cooked tomatoes increase the number of antioxidants when consumed.
  • Too much fiber can cause bloating and gas.
  • Raw foods still have calories. Consuming too much can still increase weight. Eating raw foods still, need to be in proper portions.

Every diet has its benefits and risks. You just have to check if it is fit for you. Each of us has different choices when it comes to lifestyle and diet. And if you want to try the raw vegan diet, it is best to ask your dietitian or the experts. The results of each diet depend on the input. “A healthy outside starts from the inside”. This quote further explains that proper foods, servings, and portions plus following the instructions will give you excellent results.

How do you plan your diet? How can you ensure that your preferred diet is good for you?

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