6 Dysfunctional beliefs that need to be re-framed!

Dysfunctional beliefs are beliefs that don’t allow people to dream big. These beliefs mostly fused into our minds right from childhood from parents or relatives. Moreover, life designing helps us to change the way we think about our life and helps us to design our life in a better way. They don’t allow us to dream big to design our life of choice.

Just as designers solve everyday problems by creating new things, you can also address the problems in your life by focusing on its design.

Here are 6 dysfunctional beliefs that need to be reframed for a better life:

1.Dysfunctional belief: It’s too late to design my life

Reframe: Its never too late to design a life you love

2. Dysfunctional belief: I already know where I’m going in my life

Reframe: You can’t go where you are going until you know where you are at present

3. Dysfunctional belief: Work is not supposed to be enjoyable. That’s why they call it “work”.

Reframe: Enjoyment is the guide to find the right work for you

4. Dysfunctional belief: I’m stuck in life

Reframe: I’m never stuck in life, because, I can always generate a lot of ideas

5. Dysfunctional beliefs: You should focus on your need to find a job

Reframe: You should focus on the hiring manager’s need to find him, the right person

6.Dysfunctional belief:  To be happy, I have to make the right choice

Reframe: There is no right choice, but only good choosing.

In design thinking we always say, “Don’t start with the problem, start with the people, start with empathy.” Find the problem and search for possible ways to reframe those problems in your life.

Read more about dysfunctional beliefs: what are dysfunctional beliefs and how to re-frame them?

“Good people can do the wrong things, make wrong decisions. It doesn’t make them bad people.” ― Sonia Sotomayor

So, by reframing dysfunctional beliefs you can design the life you desire. It also, improve your productivity and helps to achieve financial independence and can foster your early retirement.

What are those dysfunctional believes you are facing now? Do you ever reframe them to change the perceptions of life designing?

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Photo by Chris Knight on Unsplash


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