Problem solving techniques in design thinking!

Problem-solving can be a huge process that depends on divergent and convergent thinking. It is easy in some situations to solve the problem. But most of the times we feel it difficult to solve problems. Design thinking is one of the ways to solve any problem.

Design thinking is concerned with solving problems through design. The idea is that the solution from design thinking will provide a better answer than the one already existing or entirely new one.

It is a type of thinking where designers will work on many possible solutions at once. It enables designers to consider the problem in many different forms and think on both the past and future of the problem too.

Problem finding is also an important part of design thinking. After all, working on a wrong problem can bring any solution for better life design. We want to get a better job, more money, reduce weight, get rid of pain, etc. Usually, we define our problems by what missing. We can all get stuck in these problems.  But deciding which problems to work on may be one of the most important decisions you make. Because people can lose years working on a wrong problem.

Problem finding+problem solving= well-designed life.

The only way designers solve problems is by reframing them to possible solutions.

Problem-solving by reframing:

Reframing is how designers get unstuck. Reframing also makes sure that we are working on the right problems. Life design includes key reframes that allow you to step back, examine your preferences and open up new solution space. It is all about reframing the dysfunctional beliefs. These dysfunctional beliefs prevent people from finding the careers and the lives they want. Reframe is important to find the right problem and the right solution for it.

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Design thinking is a process by which designers approach problem-solving. It incorporates analytical, divergent and convergent thinking to create a wide number of potential solutions and then narrows these down to a “best fit” solution. There are many ways to use a design thinking process to incorporate different methodologies to still reach the same endpoint. Designers must solve problems in order to add value through design.

“Focus on the solution, not on the problem.” Jim Rohn

Problem-solving can help you design the life you desire. This, in turn, can improve your productivity and helps to achieve financial independence and can foster your early retirement.

what are your ways to solve wicked problems in your life?

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